Librem 5 media (photos and videos)


was it expected to be symmetrical ?


As the schematics have been released, maybe that would answer your question.

Edit: Seems the schematics don’t answer the question.


Oh yeah, it totally is, I hadn’t noticed that. It’s ~31 mm from one side & ~33.5 mm from the other…


Hi @azdle, Would you mind measuring the dimensions of the battery in the Librem 5 (and weighing it if you have a scale)?
I’m trying to figure out if it is really a 2000 mAh battery or a 3500 mAh battery that got mislabeled as 2000 mAh.


So it’s not described in sys/class/power/BAT0?


It really is 2000 mAh, the CSO confirmed it elsewhere. They had a problem with their supplier for the 3500 mAh batteries, so decided to ship with the smaller ones rather than delay again. The plan is to have that resolved before Evergreen (hopefully sooner), and ship replacement batteries to the people who got the smaller ones in the mean time.


Not sure where (elsewhere) you’re referring to, but if accurate that’s great news. Then not only would they be providing a proper replacement, those who have to put up with the 2000 get a free backup battery, at Purism’s expense.


Hm, I can’t find the root post, but here is @Kyle_Rankin discussing how difficult it is to issue press releases given the possible public reactions. Specifically over the issue of the battery.


Two new videos posted yesterday!

This one by @hackersgame:

And this one by TLG:

The one by hackersgame has much more info about what works and not, while the TLG one is mostly him saying “wow, this is cool” and so on.


Thank you very much for sharing !

Review from hackersgame is definitely a better review : it says what works, and even raise some issues from deep test. I really hope Purism can solve the power consumption issue otherwise the Librem 5 won’t be usable in a normal condition (the campaign didn’t suggest such a problem and I imagined myself with a smartphone with standard battery life).

TLG is very happy (I can understand) for everything (even power adapter which is not in the same color as the other accessories), therefore you cannot rely on his review :

… it comes with this thing to open the SIM tray, that’s pretty awesome !

What I like on both review is that you can quickly see the phone from the sides and while it is definitely thicker than the current smartphones, it is a little bit less shocking than what I thought.


the one from TLG clearly states in the title that it is an UNBOXING …

it is freaking cool … first GNU/Linux FSF-endorsed personal-pocket-compute-device

um … would the L5 become cooler if the power adapter would be black ? maybe it’s just temporary … i don’t believe they want to imitate Apple that bad …


Of course it is cool. It is very cool. Nothing wrong with making a video saying that. I Just meant to say that the other video contained much more info in addition to it being cool. :slight_smile:


I guess of course that the final shall be black. It won’t be cooler just to be cool, but when you buy a device, generally, it is a standard to keep the same color. As you, I think it is a temporary solution for pre-Evergreen batches.


When I bought my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (which has now sold more than 20 million units), I was surprised that it had a white AC-DC adapter and white USB cable for a phone with a dark grey case. A lot of dark Samsung phones also have white chargers.


This is bloody awesome! Can’t wait to see more!!!


I personally don’t care what color the charger and cable are as long as they work


i actually think that the usb-C charger is quite OK (unlike the old chargers that couldn’t detach from the main usb cable). as such it can be used even if the cord gets damaged badly or vice-versa.

i would prefer a black one to match the L5 and because the white pigments tend to go yellow(ish) after a while. or an aluminum one :slight_smile:


How about a 30X cold-rolled stainless steel one that never rusts and you can hit with a sledge hammer? :smile:



Black coat, white shoes, black hat, Cadillac!
Nothing wrong with two tone :slight_smile: