Librem 5 mentioned in Deutsche Welle article


There is mention of Purism’s Librem 5 in an article about smart phone privacy in Deutsche Welle. (The article is in English.) There are short quotes from Kyle Rankin.


Very good article, but I was disappointed that not once did they mention that PureOS is a GNU/Linux distribution. It’s an important detail that can influence people’s perception of the viability of a “new” OS. Other articles I’ve seen about the Librem 5 also fail at this. Linux deserves to be more actively promoted.


actually it is a GNU/Linux-libre distribution … because it’s RYF vetted …


In reading the article, I don’t believe that the author realized that PureOS wasn’t an Android fork (specific questions along those lines didn’t come up during the interview), possibly because /e/ is an Android fork and the author just assumed PureOS was as well. I think that’s a safe assumption because later in the article the author refers to proprietary apps on “both” the Librem 5 and /e/ device and of course we don’t have proprietary apps on the Librem 5.


i believe the author mixed up the terminology for what he - perhaps - was thinking at the moment that he wrote it … he was probably referring to the modem and the bits and pieces here and there at the lower levels which are not yet 100% free of blobs or some other trick was used to circumvent them in the init 1 stage …

hell this whole onion thing with layers and shit is giving any mortal a donkey episode of Shrek …