Librem 5 misaligned USB port

Finally got my Librem 5 so I went to plug it in and found the USB-C port isn’t aligned to the case so I am unable to charge it. Did a search and didn’t see this issue posted before so hopefully I’m just unlucky. Anyone else had this happen?


Wow, that definitely looks out of alignment. The “tab” across the top should be centered vertically in the space, of course.

Time to contact support.

That looks not OK.
As Amarok posted in his message: you need to contact support.

Yes, I did contact support and just waiting on a reply.

I don’t suppose your technically inclined? You could open the cover and inards to see if that’s something you can align yourself (like a lose screw), or if it’s something like misaligned screw placement hole that can’t be fixed. The L5 has this option, since most parts are held with screws. A slight chance that this would be simple and fast. One of the Purim blogposts has a video of taking L5 apart.

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Yeah, I could take a look. Just didn’t want to cause any potential issues with an RMA.


Good thinking. Best to wait to hear from support before opening the phone up and causing any accidental damage.

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