Librem 5 missing basic functions

I cannot close the app drawer without opening an app. The background wallpaper is never shown, even though the “quick tour” says it should be there. Also, I cannot find any way to turn off vibration mode when I touch the screen, for example pressing the “up arrow” from the settings menu or the “down arrow” from the app drawer has a slight vibration which I would like to turn off. Also, is there any way to make the device not lock immediately when the screen turns off? My LineageOS android phone lets me set a timer that locks the phone after a number of minutes when the screen blanks so I don’t have to input a code every time the screen blanks).

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For the screen lock timer open Settings > Privacy > Screen Lock

There you will find the options to change the timing of when it locks

Thanks for that info, not sure why I didn’t check the Privacy settings before.

The app drawer…

…does not close. It is the home screen.

This setting doesn’t affect the home screen/app drawer; it only shows when you launch an app and before the app is fully loaded. However, it’s possible to change the background on the home screen another way (as I have done in the screenshot above). See the tutorial at:

I don’t think they’ve fine-tuned the sound/vibration options in notifications or on the keyboard yet. There is a quick setting…

…that you can toggle from “On” (sound and vibration), “Silent” (vibrate only), and “Off” (no sound, no vibration, even on the keyboard)…but setting it to “Off” means you won’t hear the phone ring. Let’s hope Purism does some further refinement on that.

There are time options in the Sound settings…but in the entire time I’ve had my phone, I’ve never known them to be respected. I still have to unlock with the code every time the screen blanks out.


@amarok beautiful background! would you mind telling in detail what you did to create the bash history app?


Thank you for the info on that. Perhaps newer updates will add more features for customization.

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The icon is a killer :slight_smile:


Here ya go:


Ah quick hack to disable the vibration on key pressing is described here:



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