Librem 5 modem is unreliable and needs many restarts

Many times per day, my Librem 5’s modem will randomly lose internet connectivity (on T-Mobile, Qualcomm modem). The only way to fix this seems to be to manually switch the hardware kill switch for the modem off and on again (switching it off and on via software does not seem to work reliably), after which the internet will work again (assuming there is signal, which there almost always is).

When using the phone in a slightly less accessible pocket as a hotspot (for more data for my navigation/music/delivery app phone) while delivery driving, this is rather annoying to deal with, leaving me without higher-capacity internet until I have a chance to manually switch it off and on and wait for it to connect again. I would say it’s even a bit more annoying when using the phone by itself, since unlike Android there is no automatic detection to notify when this happens.

Has anyone found any sort of fix for this issue yet?


Oh! I was just reading a related thread and found a fix:

Thanks @Aberts10!


Great, mark your post as a solution.

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I thought I already did but I guess it did not register. Hopefully works now after pressing it again!