Librem 5 not starting


After recieving my Librem 5 I charged it but can’t start it now.

Pressing the start button does not do anything, no light nothing.

The mobile ist charged, power can not be the problem.

While the charger is conected i get ohne red light, when i disconnect, no light.

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You can try 2 things :

  • Keep pushing the power button for 20 seconds until it powers up
    if it doesn’t
  • Remove the battery, then plug the power supply and see what happens, if it starts put back the battery

If none of those 2 solutions does anything you should contact support@purism describing what’s happening and what you tested


Ok works, i just did not hold the Button down for enough time.


Yes, it’s a really long time that is needed when the phone has gotten into a certain state. Way past the point when you feel like giving up and releasing the button. It happened to me several times that I started thinking it was dead, but I had just not done that looooooong buttonpress long enough. :slight_smile:

Happened to me a few months back in a similar thread. Got a similar answer here too.