Librem 5 Order Options and Videos

Hi everyone!

I ordered my Librem 5 about a week ago from Austria and have a couple of questions:

  1. I expected to receive an email concerning which batch I am to be put in, but since I have no information about that, I thought I’d ask here: Is it, and if so, until when is it possible to change the batch in which I am in? I love most Librem products (Haven’t really been able to get excited about Social, I just don’t really see a need, but I should probably try it) and am happy to have invested some money into the ecosystem. Given that my primary aim is to have a privacy- and security-focused phone which I can use as a primary device, but have no immediate need, I would like to know if I could opt to receive a phone from the Fir batch, whenever that is shipped?

  2. This has probably been answered somewhere else, but why is Bryan Lunduke no longer at Purism? He seems to still speak highly of his former employer and is a very interesting and funny guy.

  3. Could we please have more videos? I feel there is so much this Phone already has to offer:
    - For me, a big one is being able to turn off the microphone while being able to receive calls (of course you have to turn the microphone back on to actually communicate): Until now, If I really want to prevent eavesdropping, I must completely shut down the device and risk missing calls
    - I’m sure you are working on a bunch of apps, which would be interesting to see, Videos of these and other functions would be nice.
    - I’d love a video in the quality of the LibremOne Promo!

Best regards,

PS: Some mockups on the website still don’t reflect the real hardware proportions of the phone, it would be nice and less confusing if you could correct this.

You can’t really change the batch because you are ordering so late that you already missed the first 4 of the 5 batches. So you would be in the 5th batch, otherwise known as Evergreen.

That I can’t answer. You would need to refer that officially to Purism.

I think so, at least at a high level. Try the search function. Having said that,

A company would not normally say too much about the departure of an employee, for privacy reasons. Right?

It probably wouldn’t sit too well for a company with a substantial focus on privacy. Right?

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thanks for the reply! Yes, I wouldn’t want one before Evergreen anyway, but I’ll direct my questions directly!

Thats why I asked in the forum, it might well be that the reason was announced publicly or could be seen in some video I missed

Lunduke sort of answered this question in one of his videos sometime in January. I think he just wanted to do his own thing.

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