Librem 5: Phone Design

Ive heard about this phone (Libre 5) about 20 minutes ago from this place called I noticed the hardware prototype phone is outdated (in terms of aesthetics).
Is it possible the design can be updated to have a similiar design to the “Essential Phone?” .

People would love to have a phone with great OS/Hardware/ and a cool looking phone. Plus the funding goal would reach 150k a lot faster.

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At this very early stage, the phone’s pictures on the crowdfunding page are simply mockups for illustration purposes and, like technical specifications, are subject to change (usually and hopefully for the best, and in order to keep the hardware current instead of being outdated by the time it ships). Obviously we will want to get the very best possible on all fronts, but narrowing down on details will only happen once we have a successful campaign allowing us to sit down at the negotiation table with suppliers, and this will be an iterative process.

I am really tempted to back this awesome project that is actually a dream that could become reality, but is a lot of money and actually the information about it are a bit scarce… For example, which kind of camera is planned? And what about the phisical dimensions and weight (I know that is a bit too early, but at least a range could be appreciated to have an idea about the size)? 5" could be a perfect size for a phone if the bezels are acceptable. And also, the chipset is upgradeable in future or will be fixed? The phone will be available for Jan 2019 according to the prevision so the mx6 chipset could be a bit too old, the mx8 could be surely a more future proof solution. And also, is possible to know which frequencies will be supported? I am in Australia and here is a bit of a mess regarding the frequencies of the various telecommunications operators.
Sorry for the many questions but I am really interested and 600 american bucks aren’t a small amount for a phone, I think a bit more informations are required for the potential backers.

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That is the goal as indicated, but as far as I’ve been told i.MX 8 doesn’t really exist in a readily available form that we can evaluate right now, we cannot in good conscience make a promise about it because it needs to be evaluated “from a software freedom standpoint” once it actually is available…


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