Librem 5 phone rigidity - learn from the past

I’ve had Ubuntu touch on Aquaris E4.5 hardware as well as Sailfish on Intex Aqua Fish. Both phones felt cheap and suffered from being fragile with no metal body or metal cover for rigidity. Both screens cracked. No point of having safest software in cheap twisting plastic body. Please do include metal frame or at least metal covers (promised) or edges to make the phone rigid. Best is the sit down in jeans back pockets test :confounded:

It could be helpful to resist recent silly fashion of thinnest body & small bezels. Check old Blackberry Q20 build, heavy quality feel and solid as rock.:guitar: Thank you for your consideration, I’m a product designer and would love to use Librem 5 daily as my main phone, without purchasing a handbag :nail_care:


I agree with no thin phones. I think they are silly. I would go with slightly smaller bezels than in the mockups (they are currently HUGE). But +1 for metal frame. The Aquaris E4.5 was terrible.


Only if you repeatedly do it for a few years. Phones do not get damaged by a few strong blows, but by many very weak pulls and pushes. Like how falling drops of water can cut through stone.

The most durable phones I’ve owned have been made out of a single piece of plastic but with a metal frame inside which made them rigid yet not getting scratched easily. Some of the smartphone Nokias and the Xiaomi Mi 4i/4c are a good example of this. The iPhone 5c was alright, but its corners were too sharp and the plastic was too polished so it was a bit slippery.

A bit of offtopic: the most durable phone I’ve ever owned is a Chinese “noname” which I once (well, actually, twice… :)) used to nail my new table, and the phone survived this execution without even a single scratch… :smiley:

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I found an image of your phone:


I was going to ask this the other day. Maybe someone will send one into jerryrig everything and see if it passes the durability test.

Youre probably seeing the old digi mock up . The latest version has a much smaller chin and forehead .
Here they are side by side. You can see the latest mockup on the left looks much better.

Buuuuuuut the old mock up on the right is back up in place of the newer in the final specs on purism website . So thats probably what we’re going to get,.

Reminds me of this YouTube video which is pretty hilarious

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