Librem 5 phone users, those of you who are more social: What channels do you pragmatically use to keep up with your extended social circle?


I didnt take anything you said as offensive or even insulting, I was just seeking clarification for all. @OpojOJirYAIG I appreciate the backup, but there was no harm done. All is well here


my only gripe with classic-voice/sms on the cellular carrier network is that i can’t pre-pay and get an activation validity on a whole year … that is … it expires after 30 days if it’s not consumed

this constant monthly rearming is something that could be avoided if they wanted to …


If that’s your biggest gripe with it. I assume it must be only the case in your country because it clearly isn’t the case in my country. :slight_smile:

So if this is truly your biggest gripe with classic voice/SMS on the carrier network, I bet your easiest solution is to move to a country where you can prepay a whole year of service. :slight_smile:


done ! started packing … emigration here i come !

Quirky forum behavior

I forgot to add the downside. In countries where you can customarily prepay a year of voice/SMS service no one uses SMS for chat. Voice - yes, but SMS - no (because it’s expensive). You have to resort to Messenger or WhatsApp to your messaging needs (in most places). Refer to the map in the OP. But on your Liberm 5 phone or while maintaining your privacy? We ran full circle.