Librem 5 pictures comparation


In the next year I’m 100% eager to buy one. BUT, I’d like to see so pictures with it (L5) near some common phones like iphone 12, pixel 5…
I’d like to understand, visually, the size differences between one and another.

If there are guys with L5 and something else (preferable common 2020 phones) cam make you some pictures with both to be able to have a visual idea about differences?

Thanks in advance

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OK, here are four pieces from my current phone collection:

From left to right in the pictures:

  • OnePlus 7 (first released in May 2019)
  • Librem 5 Evergreen
  • PinePhone
  • Nokia 2300 (first released in 2003, still works fine)

The OnePlus 7 has a protective thingy glued to it that makes it thicker, without that it has a similar thickness to the PinePhone.

The thickness of the OnePlus 7 is 8.2 mm compared to 15 mm for the Librem 5, so the Librem 5 is almost twice as thick. The OnePlus 7 with the protective thingy folded around it becomes similar in thickness to the Librem 5.


Yes something like this. Thanks


Hope this helps

In order from left to right:
Pixel 4, Unihertz Titan, PinePhone(with case), Galaxy S9, Librem 5 USA, iPhone 8 Plus(with case), iPhone X, Xperia 10 Plus(with case), Kyocera Cadence LTE.


Wow, so those have started shipping?

In this other thread Librem 5 USA shipping it seemed like no-one had gotten it shipped yet.

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To answer your question, no they are not shipping yet. I am a tech blogger and the Librem 5 USA shown here is a review unit.



Wow. Thank you
Yes, very big, unfortunately, but still, when shipping will start I’ll order one :smiley: