Librem 5 — Promise Delivery Chart


Btw: From the Aspen Production Shoots you see that the acces to the modem etc. is below the back cover and not by removing the display (as discussed in another thread), look at the fotos which show the audio jack. uncovered and covered.

What is the material of the back cover?


Based on the photos posted, I didn’t see any cutouts on the chassis (frame) and back plate as well. If the back is indeed made of metal, this phone will have significantly weaker signal.


I am really curious too if anyone hears anything.


MAJOR design flaw if metal rear cover . My signal is already weak in my area . Aluminum rear cover may just make this device inoperable in my location .


i think it might be lead that covers the back :wink: hihihi


Wasn’t there a comment somewhere talking about using an aluminium back cover as the antenna at one stage? Maybe I remember incorrectly. Clearly they aren’t doing that though seeing Kyle’s comment.

Superman proof?


Well the cover would need to be connected to the board somehow for that to work otherwise you just have a big ass faraday plate in front of the antenna .


I’ve looked and I think it may have been this post that I’m thinking of. So I must have just remembered wrong.


For me the back cover in the Aspen photos doesn’t look as metal, more some molded plastic.

Other thing, if you open the back cover you look at the board from top with the modem (M2 connected), but the cage for the SIM is below the board. I do not see in the case some cuts to enter/change the SIM from outside. How is this supposed to be managed?

And, what is the overall thickness, placed the L5 with the display on a table to the top of the backside of the cover?


Nothing says interrogate me quite like a lead covered phone.


Yea , to me I got the composite polymer vibe from what the “first off the assembly line” looked like .


For me, it’s sandblasted aluminium.
But it can be a plastic imitation of it…


I was somehow under the impression the 3.5mm audio jack doubles as mic-in by auto-sense.
@ekuzmenko just clarified in a Youtube comment that

it is definitely a 4-pole CTIA/AHJ headset jack

Table updated



This is a great post.

At first glance you might want to include:
NFC support, DAC specs, (Collaboration) L5 dedicated accessoires ([flip]cover, screen protector, etc.)

Keep up the good work, much appreciated!


oh … so a 3.5 mm Y splitter could still be used if dedicated ports are a requirement for anybody …


Will i be able to operate the L5 directly connected to
a wall power outlet - in stationary mode device - independent
of the battery, which will be detached and completely removed ?


Don’t take my word for granted as I don’t work on the hardware, but as far as I know - yes.


That would be Amazing!
The way I use the phone , would extend the battery life to 4 years :slight_smile:


Like a POTS landline? :slight_smile: But yes 5"7 is enough to operate as wallboard


Maybe a bit expensive for that use case.