Librem 5 — Promise Delivery Chart

Most of the wallboards I’ve seen in my experience are using iPad mini which are having comparable price tag. But considering iPads were never designed for always-on and are thus replaced each half a year it makes them even less cost-effective.

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Nuh, it’s just that 10 -12 hours straight (most days) the screen is on (navigation, video, calls, etc) , runs through the charging cycles very fast.
The only phone I managed to keep with healthy battery (98%) for about a year was Moto Z Play. And it was thanks to the combo of the Moto’s Battery Mod holding it at 80% and I never let it drop below 30s while off it as well never charging it over night (to 100%).
Less efficient phones with smaller battery, would drop to 90% capacity (same use) in just 3 months , 80% in six and so on.
Then there is an issue with overheating (charging while in use, fast charging, etc) , which also leads to faster battery degradation.
Except for saving money and consumer’s convenience, this is great for the environment.

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Regarding the “Phone delivery Q3” promise: I haven’t heard of anyone who received one in Q3 except the two more-or-less internal people - have you @Caliga?


No, that’s why it’s marked as partial.
It’s a very low kind of partial, but it’s also not intended as a scientific analysis.
It is intended to give an overview and everybody can adjust their own rating.


Why not set a battery charge limit at 80%? I think I read that it will be possible somewhere…

Collaboration with Ubports Foundation is definitively far too late :

IMHO, it should not have a green status.


If you are talking about Moto Mods, that’s exactly what I was doing when I had the battery pack available. It would either keep it at 80% if you start from higher number (let it deplete down to 80%) or if you you snap it on at lower percentage it would charge until 80 and hold it there.
As far as L5 options for charging I’m not aware of any

Not quite; I’m talking about something like Battery Charge Limit but in the Librem 5 settings.

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That would be amazing. Combined with possible power through USB (without the battery) , it would keep the battery as new for a few years

Just wanted to say I joined this forum because of the awesomeness of this post, which stands beautifully in contrast to the negative speculation I read in r/Purism
Keep up the good work, all!


With Birch out the door, I made some changes to the “shipping” promises. Hope y’all like it.
While technically inside the shipping window, I added a delayed :hourglass_flowing_sand: as not to appear too biased :stuck_out_tongue:
Also: power supply (according to buyer’s area needs) confirmed. Also added USB-C cable. This might seem a bit redundant. But as Pine only seems to ship the latter, I thought it’s worth to distinguish.

Also added earphones, which were never even talked about. Not once.
It’s a nice touch. Yes, was kinda normal in the past, before they figured out how to make a lot of extra profit with separately sold BT earphones… (In Apple terms, earphones are worth a full PinePhone, a value-add at Purism. What a weird world :wink: )


So… this happened: schematics released :hushed:
I was surprised by that, but likely I mixed up what Todd said. I thought this would happen in a few years, but I guess he was talking about the gerber files.

Anyway, promise confirmed.
Next stations
:ballot_box_with_check: FCC
:ballot_box_with_check: RYF
:ballot_box_with_check: European reseller


@Caliga from 33 to 50 edits by now :smiley:

But 42 is always the right number


wow, when locking at the picutres i can just wonder who had the idea to use the m.2 connectors the phone could have been very sleek with some smaller connectors

haha nice one ! should link to the audiophile thread with specs on those IEMs

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@caliga perhaps you could update again: (1) Chestnut was shipped before Jan 1st, (2) more apps are added to the compatibility chart.


Sure! Updated a few things. Was kinda waiting for the Chestnut shipment blog post to go along with the updates.

Spring is coming. It’s getting greener!


Mhm… I would not call it EU Reseller but shipment from Germany or EU which was promised in the campaign for EU orders.
After the official purism posting linked here, I have a sad presentiment on this: Shipping within the EU from Germany?

I assume you will replace the question mark with whatever outcome once we reach evergreen?

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Why was this post and the reply by @DemBeesDoneStolenAll hidden ?

Edit: Oh and @reC 's post.


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