Librem 5 — Promise Delivery Chart


Most of the wallboards I’ve seen in my experience are using iPad mini which are having comparable price tag. But considering iPads were never designed for always-on and are thus replaced each half a year it makes them even less cost-effective.


Nuh, it’s just that 10 -12 hours straight (most days) the screen is on (navigation, video, calls, etc) , runs through the charging cycles very fast.
The only phone I managed to keep with healthy battery (98%) for about a year was Moto Z Play. And it was thanks to the combo of the Moto’s Battery Mod holding it at 80% and I never let it drop below 30s while off it as well never charging it over night (to 100%).
Less efficient phones with smaller battery, would drop to 90% capacity (same use) in just 3 months , 80% in six and so on.
Then there is an issue with overheating (charging while in use, fast charging, etc) , which also leads to faster battery degradation.
Except for saving money and consumer’s convenience, this is great for the environment.


Regarding the “Phone delivery Q3” promise: I haven’t heard of anyone who received one in Q3 except the two more-or-less internal people - have you @Caliga?


No, that’s why it’s marked as partial.
It’s a very low kind of partial, but it’s also not intended as a scientific analysis.
It is intended to give an overview and everybody can adjust their own rating.