Librem 5 - Pureboot tamper-evident boot protection via librem key

Apologies if this has been covered in previous posts - I couldn’t see any recent discussions addressing this topic.

Are there still plans to manufacture a USB-C librem key that will allow tamper-evident boot protection for the Librem 5 (similar to older Librem laptops that don’t have a Trusted Platform Module)?

The Nitrokey 3C NFC is in production - they appear to have some quality issues soldering the USB-C connector. Hopefully this can lead to an updated librem key:

Purism previously committed to porting Pureboot to the Librem 5 but I wasn’t sure of where this sits in priority. It would be a fantastic feature to an already amazing device.


I think it was established that it works, but you just need a usb A to C adapter. See posts (admittedly oldish) from Kyle: Your Own Personal Enclave: The Smart Card Reader on the Librem 5 and Introducing the Librem Key If I could choose, I’d take a model that has the dual head (A and C).

I would also be interested.
Using an adapter is not an issue.

Porting PureBoot to the Librem 5 is still on our TODO list but admittedly it is a lower priority than some of our other tasks. I would really love to see it on there though.

A related feature that we did get working is using the OpenPGP smart card reader (or optionally a Librem Key plugged in with an adapter) to unlock disk encryption at boot. Another member in the forum adapted my PureOS script I wrote for the laptops to their phone, and I further adapted their work with a project fork that also works with the embedded OpenPGP smart card reader (and I use this on my own Librem 5). But we have not yet made it a formal project. What I really want to do is combine it any the laptop-focused script into a single all-encompassing one, but again, we haven’t had an opportunity to do that yet.