Librem 5 Questions

Thank you for the FAQ about the phone. Helpful but I need answers to these questions:

  1. I am still confused about the cases shipping. Will Evergreen have metal or plastic/soft case. How will those look/feel?

  2. If you use metal as the case, what will the switches be? And how will you combine those two? “Plastic” / Metal

  3. What part of the phone will be metal casing and what part will be “plastic”. If you decide to put “plastic” switches/buttons.

  4. Is the released picture of the Librem 5 the metal case or the molded case?

  5. What e-mail address are you referring to when you say “check your e-mail?” I changed my e-mail on my account, but the shipping address still has my old e-mail. I am unsure of where the e-mail will be sent to.

  6. What if I don’t receive my e-mail? How will one know which Batch we’re in?

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Tell support to update your email.

In a few days we’ll all know what case we get.

Metal and molded are not a contradiction.
Obviously the pics don’t show a molded case because it’s a prototype for the Aspen batch. If the molded case was ready, they certainly would not make expensive milled cases for all the early batches.


I really wonder about the material for the Evergreen and Fir cases.

Unless there is a problem with signal strength or whatever issue arises which can’t be adequately addressed, it’s gonna remain the same - Metal.
Absolutely no other reason to change the original design.

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Does anybody know how strong/resistant is the screen? Anything on the Gorilla glass line?

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