Librem 5 radio?

I was under the impression that the phone did not have a radio onboard but I see in another topic about CE certification that it is required for the radio. Is this like a radio station radio or is it referring to the wireless capability?

If this is a dumb question go easy. Finding my way with this stuff.

@Brad in this case Radio means everything wireless


Thanks Manuel. I suspected as much but I was hoping!

To clarify, in this scenario “radio” means “radio transmitter” - while some authoritarian authorities might care what you receive, most care a lot more about what you transmit (so that, for example, you are not interfering with the successful use by other people of their devices).

In the non-technical, normal use of the word, “radio” means “radio receiver”.

If you are desperate for a radio receiver for your phone, perhaps eventually there will be a USB module for that (but maybe there is more interest in a USB TV tuner module, particularly as at least some radio stations are also available as digital TV stations).


More accurately, it’s a “transceiver”. Although the authorities might mainly be interested in the fact it transmits, it also receives. These are radios in the general sense of being devices for communicating using radio waves, rather than in the specific sense of being audio-only broadcast media receivers.


It’s not a dumb question. I still use a flip-phone and it has a radio that picks up actual radio stations that play music. I will be looking forward to getting the Librem 5.