Librem 5 RAM amount

3 GB is good, but 4 would be better. Especially as I imagine PureOS for the phone will be a 64 bit build, and the phone can double as your desktop.

If this is a limitation of the chipset, then I understand. Should this be the case there probably is not enough room to design additional RAM on top of the herculean efforts already under way.

I’m just asking if it is possible. If not 3 GB is good.


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I think it was somewhere mentioned that the listed specs are expected minimum specs.
In the end, it will depend on current market prices and budget what will finally be in there.

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Assuming that the phone will use the same SOM (announced here) as the dev board, and combining it with the info from the campaign page, we will have

  • 3 or 4 GB RAM
  • 32 or 64 GB eMMC storage

It’s also likely that the SOM is only available with 1/2/4 GB RAM and the promised 3GB was the maximum supported by the iMX.6. So, pretty confident we can have 4GB :slight_smile:


3GB would be at least delivered as per their forum posts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 4GB as they are bumping up the specs.

I think you are confused, the imx8 has an arm64 processor not a x64 bit processor like intel or amd. Todd said on an interview that they would max out the ram, and the imx8 supports 4gb :+1:


Doesn’t matter if it is arm64 or amd64, the bit size determines the maximum addressable memory alongside the hardware’s physical limitations.

So if this was an arm32 build, we’d only be able to use 3gb.

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Then why is the RAM still listed as TBD? I have to say, the delays and the items that are still listed as TBD are not inspiring confidence.

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That’s not actually necessarily true as PAE is a thing. That’s how 32-bit servers have support for more than 3GB. How much the imx6 SoC supports though I do not know.