Librem 5 review in Italian

Author: Prabhu



You going to translate it for us? :wink:

Here’s the conclusion (somewhat paraphrased and no doubt incorrectly translated in parts):

I do not recommend it to those who have never used Linux before, don’t want to spend hours learning to use it, or don’t have the patience to leave the “comfort” to which Android has accustomed us.

Personally, I can say that the first day I was a little panicky. As you get used to it, it becomes less and less foreign and you learn to understand what works and how. And above all to remember to turn on the switch that kills the microphone when you answer the phone! Having problems now, you will appreciate future updates a lot and with patience you will see the evolution of PureOS.


This is a gem: “if you run ‘su’ from terminal this asks you for a password which I could not find even on their forum. You can get around this with the command ‘sudo -i’.” :laughing:


I would, but I’m not sure if there would be any resultant copyright issues.

But people can copy and paste it here to see a translation into (whatever language):



Suggests a user more familiar with Linux distros (distri? :slight_smile:) outside the Debian family.

In fact, if a person wants to reinstate the root account, I believe that discussion and instructions are present in this forum. You won’t find the actual password anywhere because there isn’t one. The account is just disabled. It is necessary to set a (strong) password and enable the account.

I see. I apologize to the author of the review for laughing at him.