Librem 5 scale-to-fit?

i am trying to use an aplication which does not fit very well - cherrytree-
when trying scale-to-fit
i get unable to locae package scale-to-fit
where can i find it? how do i install it?
sudo apt install scale-to-fit didn’t work

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It’s an app that installs with part of the package called Librem 5 Goodies. You can install it from the PureOS store app.


Actually, scale-to-fit looks like to be a simple shell script, part of phoc:

Doing a search on the forum, I found this info how to download and use it:

But that might be too much. If you just want to do a simple test, you can just write this command (the main thing that script does):

First, run the application, cherrytree, as you normally do [EDIT2: or maybe the command need to be run first, IDK]. Then, in the terminal do:

gsettings set sm.puri.phoc.application:/sm/puri/phoc/application/cherrytree/ scale-to-fit true 

In the above command, you can replace cherrytree with the name of another application you want to scale, making sure you use only lowercase letters and digits (if any).

Tip: in the terminal, if you use the Up Arrow, you can reuse your last commands entered.

Edit: I haven’t test all of these, I don’t have yet the phone. I saw your video and was curious how would that scale. I assume it won’t be too usable after scaling since the widgets/texts will be too small.


@eugenr I tested this and it does make it fit nicely. The menu is quite usable, but it may be necessary to use a stylus to hit some of the small buttons/icons.

(This is not the default theme, obviously.)


Thank you folk.
i appreciate it very much.
merry xmas


And to you, @sherab_kelsang!
Keep doing the videos; your perspective is instructive!

Thank you it seems indeed to work.
It is a little small for me but hey it’s working.

Is there a way to determine the size of rescaling??

More importantly - how do I resume to normal scale?? change true to false??

thanks I sincerely appreciate your comment.
really touched my heart.
I certainly do not want to give people who attack Purism and Todd et al any ammunition.

Don’t worry…those particular detractors are always ready to shout down any disagreement with their dialed-in position, I imagine.

yes, false should do it.

It works.

Using that command, I don’t know, but if you install the Librem 5 Goodies package, you will get the app Scale Screen (among others), which allows you to choose various levels of scale reduction. You may find a happy medium for CherryTree. Changing the scale using Scale Screen affects everything until you change it back to default, including the apps list, every app UI, and even the login screen.

You may have to change orientation sometimes, too.

Hope that helps.

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When using scale-to-fit, the compositor automatically scales the application window down as much as it’s necessary to make it fit into the screen (but not more than 50%).


Yup I got it going. Cheers

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Yup thank you.

I thought I had asked the question… apologies if I did and can’t find it, but
Regarding the “name of another application”, how do we find the actual name of a application?


You can run this command in the terminal:
ls /usr/share/applications
Or just go to Files and look within the usr directory (inside “File System”), then within the share directory, then within applications.

BTW, there’s a new, nearly automatic way to scale apps now. Install phosh-mobile-settings, open it, minimize it, then open the app that needs rescaling. Go back to phosh-mobile-settings (called “Mobile Settings” in the app grid, and it’s separate from the phone’s Settings app), then enable scaling for the open app.

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If you’re looking for the correct name of an installed flatpak, you’ll probably need this command: flatpak list
I don’t think flatpaks are in that aforementioned applications folder.

Both of my answers assume the package is already installed. If you need to find the name of a package that’s not yet installed, that’s different.

I just got a Error 500 from that link (

I think that by the number of apps I get are partiality off the side, I will wait until I get my keyboard. Bigger keys :slight_smile: Bookmarked it.

Same here. Must be down at the moment.