Librem 5 screen replacement

If your phone drop with that bumper, please post high and Phone status.

I have my Smartphone from 2014 without dropping and only dropped my first one from 2010 and replaced the screen.

But i am curious, and think about to buy one. But this just makes the phone more bulky and i think i would risk a drop more if i think it will be safe.

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Oops! Thanks.

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Well, I am still worried, I might drop the phone because it slips from the bumper. Otherwise, I am not in the habit of dropping my phones. And the rope shoud help keep it that way.
It does add some bulk, but not that much.
I am hoping that it will protect the phone from damage done by hitting it against things. It does cover the edge of the screen.
Oh, and I do like the stand on the back. A nifty addition that works both in landscape and portrait mode, ánd doubles as a handle for holding the phone

When it comes to cases for the L5, there are not that many to pick from.
I also tried a wallet (BigBen something), but it didn’t fit well, nor did it offer much protection. Moreover, it covered the camera, and it looked utterly boring.

So far, I am happy with the bumper.
(Not on commission, btw)

Edit: I did replace the rope it came with, with a slightly thinner one. The original rope is too thick and bulky for my taste.


I think Purism should consider offering some kind of device insurance. Not only would it give customers some peace of mind in purchasing such expensive equipment*, but it could also provide Purism with an additional, regular revenue stream.

*I know they sell extended warranties, but those don’t cover accidental breakage, and some customers might not be too keen on forking over such a high amount up front, in addition to the purchase price. A “bite-sized” monthly insurance or “service plan” payment would be more palatable for many people.

The challenge is: To sell insurance, you need “actuarial” data i.e. to price your risk correctly. To gather that data requires time and volume (and deep pockets to get the ball rolling).

Also, bear in mind geographical location. If you are in the US and you break your device and make an insurance claim and the claim is accepted then you can probably have a replacement device overnight. If I had a claim accepted, I’m not going to see a phone for weeks anyway, so I need a different Plan B - although I understand your comment was more about the financial side of it rather than the availability side of it. (If Purism had the volume to have a selling network scattered around the world, that wouldn’t be so difficult.)

Just my 2¢