Librem 5 screen replacement

I’ve dropped my phone twice now and the screen is badly cracked. Couldn’t find a page on Purism’s website about replacement parts and I couldn’t find anything online. Can anyone point me in the direction of a replacement screen? Thanks!

Email support and ask if they have any. They don’t list all their replacement parts on the website.


Can you share details about how far the phone fell, how it landed, what kind of surface it hit, etc., so we all can get some idea of the force it takes to crack an L5 screen?


Sure. The first time I dropped my phone was on concrete, about a 5 foot drop. That made a fracture from top to bottom extending almost the length of the screen. The second time was on a tile floor, about 4 feet and that caused a bunch of small fractures. The phone is still 100% usable, it’s just annoying with all the cracks. I’ve certainly learned my lesson and once I fix my phone I will definitely purchase a screen protector and case.


After replacement, I suggest you to use armour case, you can find some universal models on Amazon :wink:

Re: I suggest you to use armour case, you can find some universal models on Amazon.

Could you please advice a model. Thanks.


Also: using 3d printer:


But how well do they fit?

I don’t know, never used it :sweat_smile:
I just found that webpage and shared it

Ah, oke. Well they look nice enough.
But I wonder whether the .7" size difference is gonna spoil the fun; it might be too tight.

For all who didn’t know (like me) what the cryptic unit “foot” means:




I ordered one of these Zitto’s. I’ll report back on it.

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Forgot I made this thread, so I thought I’d post an update. I finally got around to contacting support about a month ago and they’re asking USD $140 for a replacement screen, just in case someone else on here is in a similar position.


That is pretty steep, that.

Does that $140 include installation?

I’m guessing: no.

No, it does not

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The Zitto bumper cover came in the other day. A green one
It fits the Librem5 very well, and, although minimalist, it does appear to offer decent protection in the right areas. The flip stand on the back works nicely. The whole thing seems well made. And after exchanging the - strong, but overly bright - cord for a more rugid looking bit of old rope I had lying around, it looks quite neat.

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I switched from the Zitto to this one:

It has a slightly better fit, does not slip off the phone as easily, and it has much better corner protection. Oh, and it is a tad cheaper.