Librem 5 Screen size; Is the screen size too big?

I read design report #5 today. I have to say I was disappointed with the screen-size change. A 5" inch phone was already big enough as I prefer a 4" to 4.7" inch screen; the ease of handling with one hand for one handed use to ease of carrying as it can easily fit in your pocket. Not to mention if you were ever able to get a case for it, it would still be very manageable to use. Now move to a 5.5 " to 5.7". That’s not something I ever wanted. I want to support this project of course. I think having a Linux phone would be awesome. However I am now contemplating donating my already purchased phone to Plasma Mobile or UBports as I never wanted a phablet.

What i find interesting is that many people also think 5.5" screens are too big from a poll taken on Phone Arena.

Does anyone else feel this way? Would anyone rather have a smaller phone size?
There is always the hope that future iterations of this phone will offer a smaller model. After all this is the first generation. With it’s success we may get a smaller screen option with later generations. Any thoughts?


I also love smaller screens/phones, but I think the question would be, what’s best, a 2-3 cm thick phone with a 4.7" screen or a 1cm - 1.4cm thick phone with a 5.5 or 5.7" screen?

To someone this might be a bummer, for me, I understand that we have no Libre smartphones yet so I don’t have high expectations for the first ever Libre Smartphone (Libre, IF they’ll offer optionally to not include baseband modems (I believe that’s the only piece which will run a proprietary firmware) btw they now offer not to include wireless hardware in their laptops, so I guess they may do that as well for the baseband).

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The 5.7 screen size could be ok if the edge are really slim otherwise 5.5 is more than enough, i prefear too a 5, but i don’t want to have a poor battery life, so maybe a 5.5 could be a kind of compromise

I used almost every generation of smartphones with screens from little bit more than 3’’ up to 5.98’’. This is what I actually own, a 5.98 inches smartphone coming from a 5.5 and before from a 5.7.
When you start using such screens you can’t go back. It is so comfortable to read and use them. You just need to be used to them … it happens in minutes. I now really don’t like small screens.


I had the same reaction as @Seven in regards of the news about the screens size in Design report #5. It seems like the screen size is “growing” as the project matures. I would also prefer a screen size of sub 5" based on the same motivation as provided by @Seven.

It would be interesting to hear what the rest of the community thinks about screen size.

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I personally would prefer a smaller screen for the simple reason that it’s not a mobile phone if I can’t carry it around, and I can’t carry it if it won’t fit in my pocket.


That sounds great for you. However a lot of people do not feel the same way. It is not something I want to get used too. I have tablets and a full sized computer to do most of my work. I do not want such a big phone. If you noticed the link I included you will see a poll with over 3000 plus people. 55% stated 5.5" was too big and uncomfortable. I will have to agree. I will pledge my support for the project as I bought the phone. However I will probably not use it. I am sure most peoples pockets wouldn’t hold the phone comfortably and obviously it would not do well for single handed use.

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I would have to go with the former; a 4.7" screen 2-3 mm thick. It would still be comfortable for single handed use and still easier to put in my pocket not to mention still not too big even with a case.


Guh… >5 inch is too big for me to consider using as a phone…
If it’s going to be > 5 inch I’ll probably ebay it when they’re sold out… Too bad :frowning:

I am considering donating it to Plasma Mobile or UBports myself. That way they have a device to work with to refine their OS’s. Maybe that is worth considering when you get your phone too. And yes…too bad.:sleepy:

I prefer big screen 5.5 - 5.7 inches. You can see everything better and you can really use it for many activities staying away from the PC. I have a 5.5 inch screen phone and I do not have to go crazy to read, and write commands on the terminal when I connect to my server.


I suppose that I can see that approach that works for you. However I am in the belief that a smart-phone should, first and foremost, be a phone. Not a tablet that can double for a phone. I do understand people have their preferences, which is why I linked the poll in the forum. It is close when looking at the results but still the majority of people think it’s too big. I would rather focus on reaching the bigger audience. I hope the next Purism phone has a smaller screen or that they offer two sizes like apple.

Agree completely with OP, anything over 5" is too big for me, and I won’t purchase it. Has to fit comfortably in my pocket, and be truly “mobile.” Don’t mind a slightly thicker device…4.7-5.0" is the sweet spot.


right now I use a huawei ascend g7. I hold it in one hand and my thumb goes everywhere. the screen is 5.5 inches. It does not seem great to me as a is only half an inch that would allow you to have a bigger battery

Yes, the “it must fit into a pocket” is very important. On the other hand…


LOL Well that poster just further supports my point; Having a device you can work with one hand allows you to multi-task. :sunglasses:


Exactly for that reason I’m grateful sony is making compact version of their flagships. 5" (in total, not just screen) is a max for me, above that makes my pocket looking ugly and wears out holes in it at the corners.

This goes in-line with the link I posted with the initial post. It looks like the originally suggested 5" inch display would have fit perfectly within the confines mentioned in the link you provided. Great article. Thanks for sharing. :sunglasses:

While I would like around a 5" screen seeing as I have a Nexus 5X currently and am very happy with the screen size, not to mention I’m not a huge fan of phablets, it’s not a deal breaker for me. Although if I had a choice I’d prefer it to be closer to 5". 4 is a bit small IMO although I’d be fine with 4.7