Librem 5 Screen size; Is the screen size too big?


Then I suppose I have a rare ability to go back to a smaller screen size. I does not suck for me as the smaller screen size allows me a better ability to control and manipulate the phone with one hand. If the screen is too big then that ability is gone…for me that is what would suck. Using the analogy of a computer monitor is comparing apples to oranges as I do not have to carry or manipulate a computer monitor in my hand. I use two hands to type with a keyboard and do not have to worry about carrying a desktop in my pocket. Different devices, different purpose, different kinds of interaction thus different considerations in what is needed. I need smaller, not larger. :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Reading this I had to add my voice on this topic to go under 5". Trust me it’s just a habit ,I used small 3.5" screen on Experia as long it was possible and it was great, then suffered with BQ 4.5 Ubuntu which was already to fragile partly due to the screen size/thickness. The optimum for phone to be mobile is for me around 4.2" - can’t wait until fashion turns back to pocket phones. I understand the Librem is trying to follow recent fashion by offering visually “safe” product and I admire the civilised way of this discussion. Just count my vote please : smaller is mobile , thanks.


Yes, 5" or less, please! Even if that makes the device a bit thicker…it’s a very worthwhile trade off.


They should just make two phones then, one small and thick, and one large and slick … (That doesn’t sound right :D).

For me, smaller is (more) mobile didn’t prove right. I think it boils down to what you do with and what you expect from your devices. And that determines what kind of device you actually need. And ppl and their needs are different and so is the device they need.

I travel a lot and I need to be productive on the go. So mobility is important to me. I used to have to carry around 3 devices, smartphone, tablet, laptop, targeted at different needs, and of course, each one required their own adapters, power bricks, peripherals. Although all these devices claim to be mobile, I wouldn’t call that mobile or user friendly.

Switching to a larger phone eliminated the need to carry a tablet around. I currently have the note 8, and for me that hits the sweet spot between mobility and usability. It’s large enough to do anything I could do with the tablet, including watching movies, reading books and papers, writing mails or other text, you name it. And it’s still small enough to fit in my pocket and to be comfortably usable. I have no problems using it with one hand and can cover the whole display surface with my thumb. Although I admit,that can get uncomfortable and tiresome, but for anything productive like writing mails etc, I use two hands anyway, and in that case, again, a smaller screen gets in the way.

While the phone itself is arguably less mobile than a smaller phone, it’s also more functional, at least for the functions I require. And with that I could eliminate one additional device, which in turn increased the overall mobility significantly. If one device sacrifices functionality in favor of mobility, thus forcing you to carry another device to compensate, that leads to overall less mobility, not more.

Thats why I wish for a larger Purism phone. The Linux / Gnome / convergence thing is exactly what I need and what I want. And I want to be able to use it productively for a lot of different use cases, many of which require a good amount of screen space.

I also hope that they can speed up their Librem 11 development and production and that it will get a proper USB-C implementation. Librem 11 + Librem 5 + USB-C = winning :D. One charger, one dock, two compatible devices, that could significantly reduce the amount of crap I have to carry around each day.

But I can understand if all you need is a phone for calls and occasional texting / surfing, than smaller is better is more mobile. But then again, I think, a phone targeted at productivity, with proper Linux, proper window manager, convergence, and quite a lot of horse power, is not what you need.



Yay :hugs:

On a side note, what kind of pockets do some people have where 5.5" does not fit? I have never had any problems fitting bigger phones in any of my trousers or sweaters, and it’s not like I deliberately look for big pocketed clothes … I mean, honest question, do some people explicitly look for clothes with small pockets? Or is this a regional / fashion thing? I’d really like to know.


Dang hipsters and their skinny jeans :grin:


that kind?


completely agree with you, I like the idea of a Debian small pocket computer.


Awesome. Now it even gets my preferred screen size.
How should I survive the wait until it finally is in my hands.

I’m sorry for those who feel differently. I would be as disappointed, had they gone in the other direction. Even 5" was already a tough sell for me.


4.7 inch would be the best maximum screensize. Seriously. Let’s consider the targetgroup here, and not forget most users (for starters anyway) will be guys!
We don’t carry purses, bags or handbags, to stow away a big phone, we want to be able to carry it in our pants pocket!


Very good news to hear :sunglasses:


My guess this maybe a regional/ fashion thing as I wear relaxed clothes and a 5.5 inch phone would be bulky and uncomfortable. That is the case with about every person I have come in contact with. The exceptions seem to be women who carry their phones in their bags or people get clothes that happen to have big pockets.


Interesting. My current phone is 5.57" long (5.7" diagonal on the screen) and fits wonderfully into all my pockets. I think it’s a great size. I generally just wear casual khaki pants or jeans, and I’d say my pockets are probably >6" deep on average. I’m currently wearing a $30 pair of khaki’s whose pockets are actually closer to 12" deep. I didn’t know that when I got them, and that is even maybe a bit excessive, but I certainly don’t lack for pocket space. I certainly find that thickness is more often the limiting factor as far as fitting things in my pocket, so longer and thinner is better than shorter and thicker.


I guess to each there own eh? After all there is a reason why included the poll in the initial post. 55% of people prefer smaller, that 5.5’ is too big. And by reading the responses to this post that seems to reflect that as well. I am not sure where you get your clothes at but many people have mentioned that it’s too big for there clothes on here as well. Interesting eh?


i think if they could make a good work on bezels we should have a thiner smartphone


So something similar to an iPhone X? That may solve the mobile/portability issue. However, it would still be difficult to access all for corners with just one hand (just your thumb). Has anyone tried one-handed manipulation with just such a phone?


not so little bezels for my taste, but not even as pre notch era, i was thinking to a midway

something like this


If I were able to use that one handed (just my thumb), then I am all for it. It looks like it could be possible. Great example :sunglasses:


this is lg g6 is 5.7, and look like my old 5.5 as dimension, because this have more screen and less bezels

looking preferences of users should be nice to do not go for 5.7 but stay with 5.5 and use a bezels design like g6 could be a good compromise