Librem 5 Screen size; Is the screen size too big?


I decided to use this monster phablet as my infotainment unit in my car when I get it. Hopefully we’ll have an ‘Auto’ mode at some point without having to install Android. As long as it can do Maps, Uber, etc it should be a good choice. I’ll never use a phone over 5 Inches as daily driver


I’ve had an idea that I’ve been mulling over recently. What if you could use the touchscreen like a laptop trackpad? It would not matter how far your thumb could reach.

Scrolling can be accomplished by moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen and continuing to move it so that it “pushes” the screen.

Either Purism can implement the feature (best-case scenario) or people in the community.


Over the years, I have moved up in size. My latest is 5.9 inch 18:9 ratio, fairly thin bezels.

I have no problem with this, and find the larger screen so much better for web browsing.

I backed this project after they decided on i.xm8 and not i.mx6 AND went up to 5.5+ screen. I did not want to back it with only a 5 inch screen.


a phone is a phone. 3.5 inch square is a max. had mine of the BB classic. now it’a a 3.1 BB q10. 5 inch is an odd number. 7 is nice for 1280x720 but then it’s a phablet.
just search ergonomics and see that 4 inch square is a max for small hands. 5 is ok in landscape with large hands but it’s not ideal for phones. landscape is for media consumption not productivity.


For me, 5.7’’ is great.
It leaves enough room for a decent battery without making the whole device too thick.


to be honest. i am ok with the increased screen size but I want screen dimensions and resolution ratio to be exact 16:9.


I prefer 5.7" screen size. It’s ok. Mostly because it lacks hardware keyboard.

The small hands issue and not getting all edges of screen with thumbs,.it is solved using one hand mode option. This is able on xiaomi smartphones already.


One-handed navigation has been taken into account:



It will be very interesting to see how this will work. I am glad that Purism is acknowledging the issue and trying to address it in their own unique way. Time will tell.