Librem 5 Shadow Images / Screen Burnin

For the librem 5 has anybody noticed seeing burned in image especially from status icons when viewing a completely black screen?

These show up as shadows of the 4G, Open VPN symbol, Clock, notification status, and Battery, as well as light bars to the left and right center edge screen.

I will try to take a picture of it.

has your cell LM5 ever been in the sun or become very hot for some other reason while the screen was on?

There is an unresolved yet bug with how the screen is being driven that manifests with temporary burnin-like effects on some devices. I have one such phone myself and as far as I can tell there’s nothing to be worried about. It’s super annoying though, I hope we can fix this sooner than later :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks glad to hear it can be resolved through software and is temporary!

incorrect configuration of the display driver controller? Have you found the problem yet?
I can also ask the display expert colleagues if it is something specific.

Very funny at my work we have a product that uses pretty similar hardware to the LM5.

I remember vacuum tube displays where burn in was a “real” problem.

Back in the day, retired vacuum tubes monitors/displays in classified areas had to be sent away so the inside front face of the tube could be scraped off before disposal.

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The problem lives on with OLED.