Librem 5 Shipping Batches


I read the schedule at . However, because I don’t know my number in the queue, and how many units are planned to ship per batch, I still have no idea when I will receive the phone I ordered on 4 Sept 2019. Can anyone tell me what my likely number in the queue or a way to convert my order information into a number rounded to the nearest thousand say. Has Purism said roughly how many phones are going to be in each batch?

BTW: This situation is reminiscent of similar situations with the NewTek Video Toaster and Red Scarlet video camera I’ve been involved with over the years.


To confirm: you ordered your phone yesterday? That 2019 is correct and not a typo? If so, then I would say batch 3 or 4 or later, as you are somewhere around order number 10,000. I don’t know how big each batch will be, though. We will have to wait for Purism to send emails/post the FAQ.

Many people (at least here in these forums) ordered back in 2017, so there are 2 years of orders to get through first, though perhaps the early adopters will want to wait for a later batch.


Said early adopter, opting for the v2 release because of the upgrade from 28nm to 14nm, proper case molds. Would love to have a librem5 in time for DEF CON 28 (Aug 2020), but power efficiency gains are too tempting to pass up. :slight_smile:


Just out of curiosity, what is the size of a batch?


Not sure but I ordered Oct 5 2017 and I think there was already 3k orders by then. I assume I’ll be in the 2nd or 3rd batch because if they’re hand milling batch 1 I assume it’ll be a pretty small batch


Would you please say more? How did those situations work out?


It was a mixed bag.

The Prosumer video production community eagerly awaited the revolutionary Video Toaster which did most of what a $30K Avid system for $1,500 (1991) inside a $2,000, 68030-based Amiga 2000 computer… There was years of build-up, months of pre-orders, and then when it shipped, months of debilitating (closed proprietary) software bugs that cut the imagined productivity to a frustratingly low ~30% of what had been promised. In the end, LightWave 3D, an associated modeling and rendering software package, was all that was left behind.

The originally planned ~$4.5K Red Scarlet, equivalent in specs to a $60K Sony HDTV camera, after a couple years of hype and community excitement in the same prosumer video production community actually over-performed while lower-cost alternatives took over the target market in 2006-2007. Before any of us amateurs got our hands on one, Red abandoned the prosumer market and started designing very high-end cameras for film luminaries like Peter Jackson. They are still inovating and making the best video cameras money can buy, if you have a lot.


I can agree with that. All of that could have been communicated long ago. For some reason, they chose not to.


I didn’t know that v.2 was an option like that. I thought you would have to buy it when released or pre-order again. I was just contemplating canceling this one and waiting to buy v.2 ( or 2nd gen as I saw it).


So you know, when things were clear to Purism?


Interesting that the announcement emphasizes transparency. IMHO, real transparency would have been to reveal from the start that people paying the same amount of money for the phone would eventually have to make a choice between lesser build quality or a significant additional delay in delivery.


I see people saying they are going to wait for power improvements and cases, but I’m wondering if anyone has already reached out to Purism and asked if this is possible, or if they could make that desire a reality? I want this phone like yesterday, but I’m happy to wait for the chipset shrink, case improvements, and improved software. On the flipside if they said I couldn’t do that I’d be happy with whatever they sent me, provided I could partake fo all the improvements down the road.


Yes, you will be able to opt for a later batch. It is written here -


So, the phone expected to be shipped now is gonna be available some time between April 1. and June 30.

It’s interesting that the phone with a different cpu is on the list as another batch. I mean , it’s gonna be available more than a year for now. Why not just buy it when available.


Hey!!! Unfinished?!!! What does that mean?!!! This is a process. Read the article by Todd and think about it. I am perfectly fine with receiving my phone with the first batch and test it then report on it so the next one brings a better product. Do you see? Are you part of this or not? Did you order already? If so, then ask for your L5 to be shipped to you in Q4 2020 and I guarantee you happiness. If you did not order yet then wait one more year and get it then, but do us a favor: GET OUT OF THE WAY. Now it is time to get ready to receive the device and work on it until it is “good enough” for the average user (like my wife). Let’s stop complaining and let’s get to work.


I’m still excited and supportive but this was another amateur hour move. Convoluted process to get your phone, still somewhat unclear dates, varying quality of delivered product. Purism has room to improve with delivery and earning trust of customers.


That’s a nice suggestion to make. I like it but… wouldn’t you like to wait and see what that case looks like? It may be just fine!


Sure, we’re waiting to see if that’s the case.


Calm yourself.

I didn’t say it was bad.
I didn’t say I disagreed with it.
I didn’t say I was unhappy with it.
I didn’t say there was anything wrong with it.
I said it was a bold move.

For your peace of mind, I said “unfinished” because the first phones that are shipping will have “loose fit, varying alignment, and unfinished switch caps.” Todd Weaver himself used the word “unfinished.”

Take it easy. I don’t know who it was that shit in your Cheerios today, but I’m not that guy.


Nice batch naming scheme. (Reminds me of neighbourhood names within a Center Parcs.)

I assume the “next generation” CPU is the “same” CPU but produced under a 14nm process (with cost and efficiency benefits).

Is there a difference between “all hardware components included” and “all hardware included”? Some assembly required, or just inconsistent writing that I’m reading too much into? :stuck_out_tongue:

Batch Aspen’s “early power management” and Batch Birch’s “improved power management” makes me wonder if Aspen might still have overheating issues, which will later be resolved in software updates.

It looks like, prior to Batch Evergreen, only the radios will have FCC and CE certification. Could this mean that Europeans will need to wait until Batch Evergreen, or is there some loophole that lets Purism legally import the phone without CE marking it? (Perhaps it’s not technically “on the market” at this stage. Alternatively, a kit of parts probably wouldn’t need to be CE marked.)

Clearly all the batches will be able to have their software updated to the same standard in the long run, so the hardware and out-of-the-box experience is what sets them apart.

If I have a choice, I will certainly have to think carefully about which batch I would like to receive.