Librem 5 Shipping Batches


The phone will start shipping on the 24th September

Purism "publishing a [librem5] shipping schedule in a few days"

Aaaaand the article at is… 403 Forbidden :smiley:


This works


A bold move, shipping unfinished phones.


no more… Now works :slight_smile:

I prefer the original info over what Phoronix writes without providing a source…
EDIT: heck, where did Phoronix get the pictures???
EDIT: Ah, nice pics in the mastodon post:


Well, I feel myself being mad, but I wanna be a suffering early adopter from the first batch, though I understand that this will be a completely unfinished product…


So the choice is just what mechanical shell you want? As all hardware will be there and software you can just update?

I guess as long as they all are warrantied the same, I suppose it shouldn’t matter. Except if there’s waterproofing differences, I haven’t seen specs on that.

(also surprised how little chatter there is on the forum, after the months of people asking for ship dates I would assume this thread would be expanding exponentially)


this is fantastic news


Well, don’t overdo it.

The electronics are exactly the same for all batches except the last (and maybe the first).
Handmilled case is not to be understood like school project quality. It’s just not as perfect as an iPhone (used to be?).
This picture from the mastodon announcement seems to give a good indication of what to expect of the first batch: Final Phone Pic
And the software is of course ever improving.

It also basically recommends for less-techies to possibly wait for Evergreen (LTS software).
And for those concerned about battery life for Fir.

It’s a pretty nice concept. :+1:


This is good, but I think what’s funny is they’ve made a big announcement without actually telling us anything yet. Unless you are literally the first person to order a Librem 5, you don’t know what batch you’re in (first person to order is in Aspen, but anyone else?), and subsequently don’t know when you’re getting your phone until they tell you that. Not knowing how big any given batches are going to be (initial batches will almost certainly be small), you can’t actually guess either. So…


We will be contacting each customer […] and to confirm which shipping batch they are currently scheduled to receive

If you can’t wait for that mail, this thread can help you narrow it down a bit :wink:
It has details of the order history in it.


I’ll wait for the Fir batch. I don’t want an half-baked phone.


This is a disappointment. I paid one year ago, I don’t want to wait another 6+ months for a phone with a decent case. Why not offer a replacement case to early recipients?


It’s been mentioned on the Librem 5 Matrix channel, but Purism will publish a FAQ soon that addresses questions like “Can I buy a better case later” and “What is a molded case?” and others


This is fantastic news for tinkerers. This is good news for linux experts. This is important news for clumsy fingers because they will have to handle the phone with care. From now on, the community can help Purism to improve the software on the real device. Hardware improvement though will have to be done by the company all alone. Hardware is crucial for a phone that is expected to have a long life expectancy. The info is promising and I really hope that Purism will have enough money to launch Batch Fir in Q4/2020. There will be many people out there waiting for generation 2 … I keep my fingers crossed for the company!


I’m good at waiting :wink: My main point is that, not having that email yet, or knowing when it will come, I don’t know anything that I didn’t know this morning:

  1. Someone will get a phone in Q3
  2. Probably not me

So I’m amused at all the hubub and excitement (my own hubub and excitement included)


Anyone could say something more about last batch (version2) as i understand is a different process ad 14nm but will be the imx8m or something else? Some info about it will be apreciated


I can only offer the assumption it will be their next gen phone, like all other phones in the market get a yearly model revision


I agree and I think it’s admirable that they are being upfront and giving people a choice. I respect that. It lets people get what suits them.

I hope so, that would be great.


Bold as in “we don’t give a ____”
Ridiculous. I expected better from them