Librem 5 Shipping Batches


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Will this be an “open hardware” design?

Our intention is to have everything freed down to the schematic level, but have not cleared all design, patents, legal, and contractual details. We will continue to advance toward this goal as it aligns with our long-term beliefs.

It does not answer your question exactly but I guess this may mean they will free the case as well.

This may also be interesting: Phone Case for Librem 5! Who could make a great case?


Yeah, I read that actually… But I have bad experience the last time a company declared to open source their OS, I am referring to Jolla with SailfishOS, they never did. Hopefully Purism is different


They are different already, you cannot find silica or kernel components on jolla’s gitlab, while libhandy is an upstream widget library and kernel is here along with other phone software components. More importantly they are mainlining their changes.


Having done a small electronics run myself, I suspect the really don’t know how long many things will take. So rather than trot some schedule out which will almost certainly not be right, I think they choose to just put these out as fast as they can. … I liken it to the old difference between the 8080 and the Z80 CPUs. The 8080 was internally fully synchronized to the clock and the Z80 was quicker but less predictable because it proceeded as fast as it could rather than on a fixed schedule.


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Haha, you called it. That’s exactly what I did. Hey, I’m part of the 5%, only 4% from the 1%!