Librem 5 shipping email

Anybody get the shipping/modem choice email today? They said they’d start emailing today.


It is still 4:55 AM California time. Let them wake up and get their coffee!


I expected to get an email yesterday because I pre-ordered Oct 2017, but I haven’t received any email yet.

Had you received an email for one of the previous batches and declined for Evergreen?
If not, don’t wait for an email until next month at best.


Purism sent me an email last year asking me to choose from Aspen, Birch, Chestnut, Dogwood, or Evergreen. I chose Evergreen.

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I pre-ordered in Oct 2017 too. When I got the email last year to choose my 3 preferred batches, I chose Aspen, Birch, Chestnut. I got put into Evergreen anyway.

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All backers were asked for their prefered batch.
You are not an (very) “early backer” as Purism define it.
Don’t expect a e-mail before december or early 2021.


According to their post, Purism says you’re an early backer “If you qualified for one of the previous batches but chose to defer your shipment to Evergreen, you will get your phone in late November to early December .”

Purism emailed me last year, asking me to choose which batch I preferred and I chose Evergreen. How does that not place me in the ‘early backers’ category as defined above? It doesn’t make sense for them to list Aspen, Birch, etc if it wasn’t really an option for me to select.

Several thousands of backers had the same choice. Only a few dozen who ordered in August were offered the first batches.
There are several comments from people on this forum or on Matrix who ordered in late August or early September 2017 who are not offered these first prototypes.


I did receive that email as well, I think everybody did but they mean another email asking specifically if you wish to have one of the prototypes or wait until evergreen, I pre-ordered on 14th or 15th of October.

I’m a backer of October 7, 2017 and was asked last year in September for the preferred batch. I replied with 1. Aspen, 2. Birch, 3. Chestnut, but was put into Evergreen. Last night I asked with my order number if this is still the case and Purism kindly replied yes and they did not said at which position I’m in Evergreen. I can understand that they can’t say any date, but at least the number of the position should be known to them from their database now, as it now comes to Evergreen.

I think everyone was asked to indicate their preference. After everyone indicated their preferences, only a select number of people were actually offered places in Birch-Dogwood. From what I have gathered, only those who ordered within the first five days of the campaign (by August 29/30) were actually offered places in those batches.

Benevolent-Dictator ON > the most technically skilled people should receive their L5 FIRST (no matter their date of purchase) and everybody else should wait in line :upside_down_face: :joy:


From each according to his ability to each according to his need?

Yes they should. And in addition: If you then mirror this information with the available capacity (even estimated and increasing over time) --> Guess what you get ?? - Right, an individual shipping date.

So why is Purism not able to deliver this individual information?
This is what I criticize them for. Again, it feels to me like being lied to. After another delay now again a delay, because honestly everybody was reading the previous information as “mass shipping” starts in November and all will be delivered on short notice. Now it is again dripping with unknown waiting time.

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Perhaps their wifi modules or something aren’t able to be delivered in large quantities for some reason or reasons. Maybe those issues are temporary but indefinite. Maybe they can only get relatively few at a time, so Purism’s compromise is this delivery setup they wrote about.

“But if they were transparent, man!” I know, I know. I also know they have no obligation and in fact have reason not to tell everyone every little thing that goes on.

Besides, the only thing they’ve gotten wrong through this whole process is delivery times, and technically they did meet those. But the phone got designed and built. Phosh and phoc and everything else got developed. Hardware issues got corrected. All will be well.

No not able, but rather not willing. Purism is transparent about their products, but not about their business ways. And that is perfectly understandable.


It took a bit longer to get everything in place for the initial shipping email than we expected last week. It was to go out today but at this point looks like we’ll start sending the first round of emails tomorrow.


Well…that would be me! (You didn’t name the technology, so I’m sure I could name one where I’m the most technically skilled.) :smiley:


No. While the position of each backer is clear, the availability of hardware pieces, last minute fixes, answers on sent out email, etc. is not fully under the control of Purism.