Librem 5 should i get additional modem? should i wait for CE certification

Well I received the email and I am very happy.
Few questions

  1. is there a difference between the devices shipped before and after CE FCC certification? is it worth the wait?
  2. I am in the UK and getting the Europe Modem - does it make sense to have an added modem for the US or the rest of the world? for if in the future I travel somewhere else…
  3. Also - i wanted to add a SD card and a Battery - together they cost $58 but the shipment is $64 so $122 for a batter and sd card???



You can buy additional modems here for 49 $:
Although in the FAQ they list that Option 1 is Gemalto’s PLS8 with two variants (PLS8-E and PLS8-US), at the moment you can only choose BM818-A1 and BM818-E1.
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Can you post the text of your email? I’m curious what it says.

I doubt that there will be any difference before and after CE/FCC certification in the modem, but maybe the testing for FCC certification will find something that requires more shielding. The chips (RS9116, BM818 and PLS8) already have FCC certification and CE certification is basically a rubber stamp since it is self-certified.

Purism says that it will provide firmware updates if any, so I don’t think you are running much of a risk by ordering now.

I would call/write Purism and ask if they can send the phone, battery and microSD card in the same box to save on shipping costs.

You can check whether the places where you want to travel have support for the bands on the BM818-A1 to decide whether it is worth buying.

The µSD card could be shipped inside the phone. Not so the extra battery of course.


I think @Kyle_Rankin explained it very well here.. They wanted to have more stuff in the shop prior to shipping, for that case. So people receive all in one delivery instead of two.

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thank you
very helpful

Thanks for taking the time to give an extensive reply
I appreciate it