Librem 5 smartphone - Hardware Kill Switches demonstration video

Just a quick, fun video showing hardware kill switches in action. :slight_smile:




So cool to see these in action! And to see more of the phone!

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Don’t want to seem a bit harsh, but… How does this demonstrate that kill switches really work as intended and not as discussed in this topic?

Something like a video from this issue would seem to be a more solid demonstration of what kill switches really do.


When I read the title of this thread I thought it was asking for a video. What a pleasant surprise. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks Bryan!

Nice !!

Is that now a completely different look ?
Under this angle and light, the frame - chassis looks matte black, if not super dark gun metal. I like it, though. Just curious to know what to expect by Q2. :slight_smile:

The gitlab issue with the video that you posted, relates to that thread you created and linked. Both of them relate to the devkit and not the final L5. The device on the Gitlab issue is a devkit.

Like we said there the HKS in the L5 work differently from the devkit.

While on the Devkit it “kindly asked” to disconnect the wifi and others according to the respective standards, we were not sure if all chips would respect the standards.

So for the HKS in the Librem 5 instead of “asking kindly” we made it so that it literally cuts the power to chip (and no chip can disrespect that standard) :smiley:


“I dare you, chip! Don’t mess with me!”: Librem 5 Owner


I’d guess what licryco meant was that the demonstration should involve osciloscope and multimeter to demonstrate hks really kills the power and signal stops. The devkit is available for everyone to check that while L5 is not - and only rely on your demonstration :slight_smile:


Purism, Since it is a working phone, can we get a video of an actual phone call? Why only stop at demo of kill switches? This would silence all the questions on the readiness of the phone for mass use. Remember, the famous “Starbucks” call made by Steve Jobs as a live demo of working phone.

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