Librem 5 - SMS/MMS encryption

Hello everyone,

The Librem 5 is funded and we are happy to finally hope for a smartphone that respects privacy. Among other things, the Librem 5 would use Riot for VoIP phone calls and a chat to do like Whatsapp.

In Europe, traditional SMS/MMS communications are still widely used (applications like Whatsapp are seen as a different way of communicating, but not the main one), and unfortunately, I have not seen any information about data encryption for traditional SMS/MMS.

On Android, there is the excellent ā€œSilenceā€ that sends encrypted SMS/MMS messages.

Do you think it is possible to adapt Silence to PureOS, or at least to run it in a sandbox?
Same question for the calls, is there any way to encrypt calls ?

Thank you !

Iā€™m also heavily relying on Silence while on Android - and have been wondering whether it could be made available for Librem5 aswell.