Librem 5, SMS timestamps in "Chats"

After flashing my phone it now works again nicely. I just have one problem. If I want to see the exact timestamp of the message… or even hour and minute of the sms, which has been received over a day ago, I can’t find it from anywhere.

In my opinion, this modern day way of describing dates like “Today” or “Yesterday” or “Wednesday”, I would prefer simple localized date format like 13.2.2023. That is simple, it doesn’t stress you when you are in the middle of something and try to match some days between multiple systems. It would be nice if people can choose how the date is shown in SMS for example.


Here you go.

I totally agree with the general point. Date/time formats should always be under user control - and I’m not a big fan of these “user-friendly” formats.

I think two generic answers would be though:

  • this ought not be too difficult to change so the first answer would be that you develop a code change and submit a patch (but I understand that you might not have the skills for that), or
  • I would suggest raising an Issue rather than sending a random feedback email.