Librem 5 Suggestions

I have the Librem 5 and a Librem 14. I’d like to see more integration with Librem products. For example, I’d like to transfer files easily between my computer and phone simply by plugging in a cable.

I’d also like to see a Librem Cloud option that would allow me to backup files from all of my Librem devices.

Perhaps to do these things, Librem-specific apps would need to be created.

Fair suggestions. All achievable today with enough work (and nothing too specific to PureOS) but … as always, you would need to consider the security implications very carefully.

If you want to communicate your post to Purism then

As an example of “security implications” … no cloud storage provider should want even the tiniest possibility that they can examine anything about files that you backup to the cloud … not the name, not the length, not any other metadata, not a hash of the content, and of course not the content, not even traffic data beyond the unavoidable. Of course it might be that you don’t care about any of that but some other customers will care and the provider also probably will care.


Have you tried Warp? Warp | Flathub

Thank you for providing this information to me to consider. I was only thinking about cloud storage as a way of backing up personal photos of my ancestors. But as you have mentioned, it can also have many security implications. I was only thinking of ways that the Librem series of products could be more user friendly for us less technically advanced users.

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I am not familiar with Warp.

See also: Getting photos off the Librem 5 (I see you’ve already posted there, but there are some easy wireless options in the thread that you might want to try.)

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You might consider KDE Connect. It is a way for a phone to communicate with a desktop. It sends phone notifications to the desktop and share files between them over Wi-Fi.

In GNOME Desktop you can use the extension GS Connect.

From what I have heard in Plasma Mobile there is an app that will communicate with the desktop. I don’t know what dependencies or anything you would need to get it to work in PureOS phosh though.

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I don’t think so. IIRC, KDE Connect has a Linux desktop app and an Android only phone app. If you run the desktop version on the L5, you can only share with a Spydroid.

Indeed, the desktop version would. But I remember seeing a video somewhere that mentioned KDE Connect “phone” version functioning in Plasma Mobile.

I can’t recall the exact video but I found a screenshot on the Plasma Mobile page on KDE’s website that shows it as installed.

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Ooh… very nice! I want to check it out. I would like a GTK version, as well – the Gnome aesthetic looks so good on the L5.

KDEConnect on PureOS/Phosh (connected to Windows desktop).


Wow! Fascinating…


I was able to change L5 brightness, volume and multimedia from my Pinebook Pro running Armbian. I could not type this text from the laptop.

I was able to type into a console on the laptop from the L5.


Lots of things didn’t work, but that just might be my ignorance on how to operate KDE Connect.

TONS of KDE libraries and dependencies!


I’ll keep it around for now, but I will also check out Valent – a GTK based KDE Connect protocol implementation. It is rumored on Linux Uprising that Valent might support Phosh… so we should check it out!


I just warn you that the Linux world of users is NOT the same as mass market users. We run into the following problems:

  1. We have an EXTREMELY HIGH percentage of very advanced users that are any combination of sysadmin + programmer.

  2. This sounds like it is a good thing but is actually a huge problem. What this means is that whatever solution someone else creates we won’t be satisfactory to any other super user and likewise and single solution I might create will be unique to me and won’t be useful to anyone else.

  3. This results in a situation where no one really ends up creating any all in one spit and polish solution that you see on the non-free platforms because we all do our own thing. It’s herding cats and none of the cats want to pay for anything because they can just apt-get install whatever they want and shell their solution for their unique needs.

  4. This results in a situation where to the mass market user it looks like nothing is finished, nothing is done and nothing works. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Everything is done, everything works and everything is perfectly configured for the advanced users. This is completely imperceptible to not only to consumers that have mass market expectations but to even sysadmins / programmers that only have 4 or 5 years of experience or lack the DEEP DEEP need to be left alone and be free.

This is why I admire so much. Not only are they in an extremely small niche of a niche segment, their primary target audience that is capable of using these devices are a tiny subset of even that potential pool of niche users. You can see it on the forums here with people complaining about all kinds of bullshit they don’t understand. It’s not their fault they don’t understand, until you are a seasoned sysadmin / programmer, no amount of explanation will penetrate their skulls because they have no frame of reference for what is actually going on.

I do think voices like yours are important to keep the team focused on bridging this giant gap between expert users and mass market. Someone is going to have to build all the tools normies need to use these devices and if they can bridge just enough of that gap there should be enough people spooked by global politics to buy devices and sign up for subscription services.

Keep speaking out, but understand that on this forum there are two COMPLETELY different user bases that are always talking past each other.