Librem 5 support H.265 on NXP i.MX8M

It seems that the L5 is pretty close on play video (decoding) in H.265-HEVC. Hantro-kernel-driver already support h.265 to NXP i.MX8M chipset :smiley: :film_projector:
@dos @guido.gunther ?

AV1 is the most Chad-est of HEVCs there is right now … buzz-words !!! DING !

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Awesome news. I wonder whether Collabora got documentation on the Hantro G2 decoder and who gave it to them (VeriSilicon, NXP, Rockchip or Microchip)?

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Collabora fundation is the creator of the Libre Hantro-vpu Driver including G1.h.264,G2.h.265 to VeriSilicon VPUs found in SOCs Rockchip, i.MX8, Microchip. I guess that final kernel 5.11 or 5.12 will came with hantro-G2 merged then Purism will can enable HEVC decoding on L5 on pureos byzantium.
I checked the hantro driver on my Evergreen then it seems that purism is not yet enabled this cool driver on stable kernel.

@carlosgonz enabling the driver in the kernel is not the issue, see - we’re currenty sorting out the gstreamer side to make use of it (due to kernel API changes when things got moved out of staging)


Thank you @guido.gunther
Great that Purism is already tracking the Hantro driver to L5. :smiley:

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