Librem 5 support H.265 on NXP i.MX8M

It seems that the L5 is pretty close on play video (decoding) in H.265-HEVC. Hantro-kernel-driver already support h.265 to NXP i.MX8M chipset :smiley: :film_projector:
@dos @guido.gunther ?

AV1 is the most Chad-est of HEVCs there is right now … buzz-words !!! DING !


Awesome news. I wonder whether Collabora got documentation on the Hantro G2 decoder and who gave it to them (VeriSilicon, NXP, Rockchip or Microchip)?

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Collabora fundation is the creator of the Libre Hantro-vpu Driver including G1.h.264,G2.h.265 to VeriSilicon VPUs found in SOCs Rockchip, i.MX8, Microchip. I guess that final kernel 5.11 or 5.12 will came with hantro-G2 merged then Purism will can enable HEVC decoding on L5 on pureos byzantium.
I checked the hantro driver on my Evergreen then it seems that purism is not yet enabled this cool driver on stable kernel.

@carlosgonz enabling the driver in the kernel is not the issue, see - we’re currenty sorting out the gstreamer side to make use of it (due to kernel API changes when things got moved out of staging)


Thank you @guido.gunther
Great that Purism is already tracking the Hantro driver to L5. :smiley:


Here’s h264 via gstreamer on the L5 (working but not yet packaged for the phone, will likely be byzantium only due to the amount of gstreamer changes), h265 didn’t land in gstreamer yet.


Thank you @guido.gunther you are doing really really great work on pushing H.264/5 fast to Librem 5.
Will Totem(gnome video) play H.265 by using FFmpeg on Byzantium?
Will Epiphany play H.265 on some time on Byzantium by upgrading Gstreamer?

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Eventually likely yes but that needs e.g. more work in totem (which we also need for h264).


I just report that Totem is played very well a video in H.264 on amber and L5.
Librem 5 is awesome on every updates.
W a i t i n g for Byzantium.
Thank you Purism HKS.


looking forward to using Celluloid < MPV GTK GUI front-end on the L5. on the desktop you can basically drag and drop snooptube AV-content over to MPV and it-just-works ™

@guido.gunther @dos @dcz I can not wait much, to watching videos on H.264 or H.265 on full screen on my L5 Evergreen, but I want to keep my L5 cooler, smooth motion, and low energy while i watching the videos so please, please please Purism turn ON the VPUs on Byzantium. :face_with_monocle:

This is maybe a minor thing, but the only thing that taints the kernel on the L5 now is that the hantro_vpu driver is in staging. Does anyone know when it could be accepted to the main portion of the kernel? Would be really cool to have a completely untainted kernel running on the L5 :slight_smile:

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Hantro g1 and g2 it already on L5 kernel, just that at the moment Gstreamer only can handle g1, so now you can watch videos H.264 by using Hantro_vpu driver and “Clapper” is a GNOME media player.

I’m getting some pretty bad artifacts when playing back a H.265 (HEVC) sample video with Clapper. I had to enable “Use playbin3” under “Tweaks” to at least get some video output (albeit corrupted) instead of a black screen.
Since PureOS doesn’t ship with a recent GStreamer version that supports the v4l2slh265dec plugin, I tried to run GStreamer within the Clapper flatpak with results in the same behavior:

flatpak run --command=sh com.github.rafostar.Clapper
$ gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=Videos/h265.mp4 ! qtdemux ! v4l2slh265dec ! glupload ! glimagesink

I get the same behavior when running the same gst-launch-1.0 command outside the flatpak after flashing postmarketOS edge, which provides a more recent version of GStreamer.

H.264 media is decoded correctly without issues though :slight_smile:

Could anyone confirm if this is also an issue you’re seeing?

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I guess it is a known issue in Hantro to L5 VPU(Thanks Collabora), i not tested h.265 but i tested VP9 and bad artifacts it there too.
As far i know this bug is not for PPP VPU.

@dos 0xd05

I did a new test today for h.265 under matroska and clapper and it played extremely good motion at 60 fps 720p. not more bad artifacs… let is make more debugging

Sadly i do not have a good camera, like capable to recording at 60fps to capture the extremely motion of Librem 5.
Thanks to 0xd05 for the 63 or 65 hz for L5 it feeling…

Very interesting! I would like to reproduce this on my device to investigate further.

Could you provide a link to a H.265 file that played back well on your device, so I can try to reproduce it? Additionally, what kernel version are you on? You can find out by executing uname -a.
Are you also running Clapper 0.5.2 installed via Flatpak?

I would love to be able to play H.265 media without issues on my Librem 5, but I haven’t been successful so far.

LinuxLibre 6.2


Purism team.

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