Librem 5 support HaLow


Extremely Long range, Extremely Low power for WLAN

IEEE 802.11ah is a wireless networking protocol published in 2017 called Wi-Fi HaLow, it It uses the Libre 900MHz frequency.

It nice if Purism make a Module for Halow to Librem 5, there is Libre driver for the Halow s.o.c:

Librem 5 it support well AV1 format also Youtube it massive supporting AV1, AV1 it compatible with HaLow streaming up to 1080P.

IMHO Librem 5 deserve Halow for freedom.


Challenges that I see with that are:

  • Purism isn’t going to make such a module for the Librem 5. You would be wanting some manufacturer to make a module. (To some extent this is the purpose of standards!)
  • In order to use such a module, you would have to sacrifice one or other of the existing modules (cellular or WiFi) unless a vendor makes a module that does HaLow and one or other of the existing functions. 900 MHz is a cellular frequency so maybe there is an option to piggyback LaLow on a future cellular modem card.
  • The module would need to be in the M.2 form factor and using (keyed for) USB, not PCIe or SATA.
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I know it is very difficult that Purism to create a module dedicated to Librem 5 M.2 E for HaLow, it is much easier that a manufacturer to create a module for M.2 E but it is also difficult that a manufacturer to create a module for M.2 E : (

Sure WLan module. Halow it very nice because it is like LoRa too. It good to have the freedom to use any chip technology on Librem 5 because that is why L5 has m.2 sockets.