Librem 5 support VP9 on NXP i.MX8M

h264 is available in Byzantium’s gstreamer since some time - everything else will come past Byzantium.

Clapper has hardware acceleration on my L5, or so it claims.

Flatpaks have newer gstreamer anyway. E.g. µPlayer also accelerates h264. I added the gstreamer bits to Byzntium for GNOME Web mostly (which might need an update to its sandboxing again (now that cameras are enabled) for this work.

If you use µPlayer from flathub it has a little green accelerometer in the OSDs top right corner to indicate hardware acceleration:

It also has --h264-demo and --vp8-demo command line options to check for support easily.

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Oh just for the record: I mixed something up in my Memory. In the past i tried to encode a video (transcode with ffmpeg) from a different codec into h264 and there was the issue without license. Decode should be of course available.

and ffmpeg?
sorry, i’ve ask this question multiple times without an answer!
any hw accel with ffmpeg (any codec) in the future?