Librem 5 support VP9 on NXP i.MX8M

Librem 5 it has a dedicated VP9 decoder, the Hantro driver (V4L2) got support for VP9 so this feature will come on Linux 5.17.

  • More power save to L5
  • Less video heat to L5
  • Less video stutter to L5

We can thank Andrzej Pietrasiewicz and Benjamin Gaignard at Collabora for giving us good hardware video decoding on the L5. See:

Linux 5.14 added support for H.265/HEVC decoding in the Hantro G2 VPU in the L5’s i.MX 8M Quad processor, and now Linux 5.17 will add support for VP9 decoding in the Hantro G2. This also means that the PinePhone Pro with the RK3399S will also get VP9 decoding.


@martin.kepplinger can you track the VP9 issues for the i.MX8M driver it needs proper power domains support like L5.

To play VP9-hantro under L5 we need Linux 5.17 + Gstreamer 1.20 + Clapper.
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