Librem 5 T-Shirts

In the Librem 5 campaign, one of the rewards is a t-shirt. Is there a picture of these shirts anywhere? I was thinking of getting one, but it would be nice to see what they look like beforehand.


Can you put a t-shirt for every phone, to wear it while we’re waiting?
This might attract question and even more backers…


Personally I would love a simple shirt, something like:

  • Black shirt with white Purism rectangle
  • Red shirt with black Purism rectangle
  • Black shirt with red Purism rectangle

Seems like keeping it simple would enable higher quality techniques and a longer lasting shirt :sunny:


Yep, i’d go for the 1st option, but 100$ for a t-shirt is really too much. If it’s not given for free to all backers, it should between 25 and 50$ max.
I guess several of the 619 backers who paid just the 20$ would have chosen the t-shirt if it was at a reasonable price.

It would be a smart move, when the campaign is over, with the goal achieved and more 2477 phones pre-sold, to print ~3000 t-shirt for ALL backers (since 20$, and 10 t-shirts for enterprise bundles).
And let us proudly advertise purism.


Instead of producing 3000 T-shirts for people who did not order it, better use the money on the development of what we actually payed for: The phone.


Point accepted. Then what about t-shirt at reasonable price (15~40$) for the ones who have backed the phone? After the campaign is over, as an extra option.


T-shirts cost at most $5 to print and $10 to ship. At that volume, we can probably reduce the price to $3 to print.
Total cost of T-shirts would be 3000*13 = ~$40000. Yes, that cuts into the $1.7 million budget of the Librem phone, but think about the advertising that Purism gets from people wearing the t-shirts.

Edit: added the word “million” to $1.7 million


@blendergeek i aggree with you with the huge advertising, that’s why i proposed it in the first place. Purism will have to ask our size and color preference, and the people who don’t want the t-shirt will not answer this question in the first place.

I need only the Purism shop where to buy my T-shirt!

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  • white shirt with small black purism logo on the left chest

I can get 5$ organic cotton t-shirts at 170 gsm (good quality) here in India. I am happy to connect the good people of Purism with some mfgs.

I too wish I could order a Black Tee shirt with or Librem-5 or the like written on it… To wear as I wait for my phone. But I can’t shell out another $100.

How about making the $100 shirts available to backers for… Say… $25 or so?