Librem 5 to unlock Librem laptop

Is there any possibility to have an NFC interaction between the Librem 5 and a Liibrem laptop to unock/start a session on a Librem laptop when one approaches the laptop with a Librem 5 phone?

I don’t think current Librem laptops contain NFC hardware, so it would need to use Bluetooth instead, unless a future Librem laptop comes out with NFC.

There is a piece of software called BlueProximity which is packaged in PureOS. It is meant to allow you to lock and unlock an active login session based on the proximity of your phone or another Bluetooth device.

I am not sure how securely BlueProximty identifies the phone as being yours; I think it relies on the security of Bluetooth pairing. I expect it’s at least vulnerable to tampering with the Bluetooth signal to make your phone seem closer to the laptop than it really is.

Using the phone to unlock disk encryption would probably require a more robust solution and more strictly verified proximity. Verifying the proximity would be the hard part. You might also want to be able to prevent the unlock from occurring if you suspect that someone has tampered with your laptop’s hardware. So, perhaps having something pop up on the phone requiring a button press would be the simplest solution; you wouldn’t press it if you weren’t in front of your laptop, and you wouldn’t press it if you thought the laptop had been tampered with.

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ya, I am not aware of one either, but I thought I’d throw that idea out there anyway to see if this is something like that could be achieved with future HW. I personally would love to see something like this.

Thank for the BlueProximity link, that looks interesting.

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