Librem 5 USA can i use att is it even worth it

I bought librem 5 usa can i use att even though I bought it with awe sim is it even worth doing that?

Last time I checked, AT&T didn’t allow the IMEI of the L5’s modem to be activated on the network. (I used Cricket’s IMEI checker. Cricket is an AT&T MVNO that is actually owned by AT&T, and AT&T no longer has an IMEI checker, I believe. But of course, Cricket is the same network. You can check again if you want; the IMEI can be found in Settings > Mobile > Modem Info.)

Awesome is pretty awesome I use it on my librem 5

I moved my sim from my existing AT&T phone to my Librem5 and it has worked just fine for months.

Activating a line with the Librem 5 might be more challenging but moving a sim card over on an activated line works just fine.