Librem 5 USA Delivery - Another Delay?

I ordered the USA version of the Librem 5 on November 14th, when I was reading that users were receiving them within the advertised 90-day window. I was told that the shipment has been delayed for 30 days twice since then. Now here we are after the second 30 day delay and I haven’t received any updates. Anyone else receive theirs if ordered within the same date (11/14/2021) or any updates?

I ordered my L5USA Jan 2021 and received my address confirmation email in sept 2021. Still waiting. I email them every month or so, then get told it’ll be another month or so. I also ordered the Awesim cell service which I was told accounted for some of the delay.

-edit- Just received shipping email (April 18, 2022) expected delivery date April 21.