Librem 5 USA OBO 1500.00 usd. Brand brand new

Haven’t even had to charge it. It’s that new. My deal is I have to come up with 2200.00$ to not be homeless. And my wife says the new gismogagit has to be sold. So first one that has the money get the honey. So to speak. Its all there everything they ship from purism is included. Minus the long wait and 2367.00$ price Tag.

Uumm…this is none of my business but why on earth would you buy expensive phone when having 2000$ less is enough to make you homeless?

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Ummm, right, sounds super bogus. Remember the Nigerian “advance-fee” scammers who need your help to transfer $1,000,000 out of their country?

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Not a ripper or jacker. I’m really selling these.

I will like to ask you how should I not be insulted by offering such a nice deal. Tell me how do you want proof of sell

Didn’t get your question?

A couple of comments:

It may be a good idea to keep it charged so that if someone asks you to demonstrate that it works (is real), you will be able to do that.

You should mention what country you are in and even perhaps what geographic subdivision of that country. Given the slightly inauspicious start to the sales process, if someone will only buy face-to-face in a public place, the purchaser needs to know whether that is possible.


Thank you. I am in no way trying to scam anyone. There’s things I could put down to make it more of a comfortable purchasing experience, I am open to any advice or suggestions you may have. Thank you for your time.

Hi @Null2void. Sorry about your current situation.

Have you also tried posting on Reddit in r/Purism? There are probably some people there who might be interested, too. (You might have to endure a lot of negative comments, too, though.)

There’s also ebay.

[You should probably require PayPal or similar for payment.]

That is something I haven’t done. Posted on reddit. I will do that now. And negative times negative will equal positive.
But thats just the internet. .
And I appreciate your concern.
I just hope this phone/mini computer go to someone who will use it and enjoy it to its fullest of capabilities. Unlike me who has very limited Linux knowledge or skill. Needless to say I payed it forward for the purism brand. And now in my current situation need to sell these items of no personal meaning. So I hope someone can appreciate the great deal and take advantage of my situation by capitalizing on the reduced price. And I am not a ripper jakker scammer. But I know most people look at a deal that’s to good to be true. As not good at all. But thats not the case here

i bought a used Librem 5 from ebay. Seller had just put it on and boom I got it. I think yours would sell quickly there.

Can you explain how it was listed.
Like the sellers listing of it. How it listed in what category.

Not the one I bought though. I couldn’t find that ad. Hope this helps

I found it. This is the one I bought. A forum member


Thank you for that. I have tried to list on eBay. But it always lists it as a phone for parts and not a “working” phone. That’s a good way to stir it.

“Evergreen”… yes

I sent a text message to this number and asked about the Librem5. The person said he/she had no phone. I asked if the number was new, and they blocked me. Ha Ha.
I don’t get that but oh well.
So what is your phone number? I am interested in the phone. 209-298-1019 Thomas

In case it is not obvious from the ebay listings that someone supplied in this topic, when selling a Librem 5, you should always explicitly mention the modem model number. Since you are in the US, I assume you got the modem for the US and that will make it less desirable for use in e.g. Europe (and vice versa).

You will have selected the modem model number during the delivery process with Purism.

That is not to say that someone couldn’t buy the phone and then buy a modem separately from Purism and then swap the modem but that’s a hassle and extra cost (and a risk in case there are fulfillment issues getting the right modem from Purism).

You really need to fix:

I sent a text message to this number and asked about the Librem5. The person said he/she had no phone.

That doesn’t do much to dispel the suggestion that this is “super bogus”.