Librem 5 USA - Read Before Ordering

All this controversy illustrates the danger of posting leading or accusatory comments on reddit, or any platform, in the absence of solid information. People everywhere, including us here, naturally take it and run with it, which ultimately only does a disservice to everyone.

Librem 5 USA, Manufactured in USA would imply even processor is manufactured in USA. Maybe I am wrong but if that is the case then how does the chip shortage (that are manufactured elsewhere) impact the Librem 5 USA manufacturing?

The CPU is fabbed in East Asia. NXP doesn’t have a US Fab that can write 28 nm features.

As the L5-USA did not reach shipping parity in July, hopefully Purism makes a new comment or blog post for us, providing some sort of explanation, and maybe even a new estimate (Not to be believed at this point, obviously, but it would still be nice! :slight_smile: )

I look forward to the L5 more and more every day that I use my brutally locked-down phone. Nevertheless, I will try to exercise some patience. Recently, a barbecue grill salesman told me a particular model would not ship in the next three months. If an established company cannot make a grill that they’ve been making for years, imagine the difficulty to produce a groundbreaking phone :man_shrugging:

No one should ignore Purism’s poor communication practices, but also failures in accurate shipping estimation for the past +1.5 years should be taken with a big grain of salt.


It would appear that someone has done that already - and I’m not getting into an edit war (move war), so all good.

I consider that most of the reasons that this topic is ‘fail’ have not changed.

I think that if Purism allows an external link to a public topic to restrict recategorisation of that topic then they may regret ceding that control to (in this case) reddit. (Nice move from the OP though. :slightly_smiling_face:) Sometimes you have to do what is right and wear the perceptions. Perception, like taking offence, is on the person offering his or her perception. Anyway, haters gonna hate - and reddit is full of them.

I think that there is an ongoing problem that when moderation decisions are disputed, those decisions end up being disputed in situ - so that this topic is a dogs breakfast of original content, amended content, withdrawn content, moderation debate and off-topic content. SNAFU.

Because he was asleep in bed. :smile:

This is already being discussed in Site Feedback. You could contribute there rather than further derailing this topic.

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Update, 05/08/2021 I am still yet to receive clarification as to what has occured.

So you actually did ask Purism via email to give you a clarification of what happened! May I ask you what the content of your email was?

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I’m unsure where the presumption that I didn’t have any prior correspondence arose.
My prior direct correspondence is how I received the latest update, which other Librem 5 USA owners did not.

I followed up the email to Mladen stating that I believe he may have gotten mixed up in the information he was providing me, and requested an accurate shipping date of my Librem 5 USA device.

I have also sent Joao a private message requesting an ETA of the delivery of my device after he sent a message advising that the information I received was incorrect.

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So you asked Purism something like “May I ask you the reasons behind the delay?” and they didn’t answer yet, am I correct? Because this is what you are complaining about in this thread.

Somehow it still appears to me that you asked Purism only about dates and then came here to complain that you have not been given reasons. Please correct me if my impression is wrong.

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This is the conversation that has transpired regarding shipping estimates, between Purism and myself.

The first email I sent was on 03/06/2021 asking

“Just wanted to get an ETA on my order if possible. Will it be dispatched this month?”

Mladen replied on 04/06/2021 advising

“ We started shipping Librem 5 USA model just yesterday, so we still do not have shipping schedule. But it is planned to ship all pre-orders within 2-3 months from now. Thanks for your patience!”

I responded 06/06/2021 saying

“Thank you!
Could you confirm that my order (Order #Purism_xxx) is going ahead as intended? Just wanted to make sure there were no issues with it so when my shipping date does come up, there are no delays?”

Mladen replied 06/06/2021

“When your pre-order comes in line, we will contact you (a week earlier) to confirm shipping details, so you don’t have to worry about anything at this point.”

I emailed on 31/07/2021 saying

“Just looking for an update on the order number in the subject line.”

Mladen replied 01/08/2021 advising

“Librem 5 USA model manufacturing has started, and slowly progressing. As we optimize the manufacture progress, shipping pace will be increased as well, we hope we will be able to fulfill all pre-orders (most likely this will including yours as well) within 2 months time. It has been a tough ride, with a lot of challenges, but thanks to our backers we are slowly getting to our goal.”

I responded 04/08/2021

“Following this I have been led to believe that this information may be incorrect.
Could you please confirm when I’ll be receiving my phone?”

Mladen responded 05/08/2021

“Could you please clarify your question? I cannot provide exact ETA I’m afraid, like I said, we expect to have all pre-orders (including yours) shipped within 2 months.”

@joao.azevedo @mladen

What is happening?

Sorry, for clarity, the date format is DAY/MONTH/YEAR.

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Further, I’ve just caught onto more.

Mladen responded on 04/06/2021 advising that they would ship the phone out within 2-3 months (8 to 12 weeks).
On the 05/06/2021(the next day), the Librem 5 USA order page was altered to display a 6 to 8 week delivery time, approximately. Did the expected delivery date half in the span of 24 hours?

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Okay, so I was right. The synthesis is the following:

  • You ordered your phone at the end of April and in that moment you were told that you would receive it “in a few months”
  • You asked for an update in June and they answered that they started shipping all the Librem 5 USA orders only the day earlier and all orders will be shipped within three months
  • You asked for an update in July and they answered that all the Librem 5 USA orders will be shipped within two months

I am fine with you asking Purism for updates, but why do you come here asking for reasons (“If the phone is in stock, why am I still waiting?”) – and I believe “asking” would not be the right verb given your tone in this thread.

You could have reached a much better result with a lot less stress simply by writing to Purism “Dear Purism, I am a Librem 5 USA customer and I would like to ask you information about the recent shipping delays. What is happening? I know it has been a tough year for everyone, but I really hope that things are not looking too bad for Purism.”

No, he’s just pointing out an inconsistency. If the phone is in stock, as they claim, then there isn’t any reason for a 3 month delay. So either there is no 3 month delay, or the phones are not in stock.

Well, knowing Purism, it’s probably a third option: they have a few laying around on a shelf, but nowhere near enough to actually start shipping. You know, like back when they claimed with big fanfare to have “started shipping”, and later had to clarify “and by shipping we mean that a few of our engineers already got one, but nobody else will for months”.


It seems to me that some people believe they know Purism so well that they consider simply asking a futile exercise.

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As a potential costumer I find it pretty useful to know, that the information Purism provides in their blog posts (that the Librem 5 USA is in stock and shipping within 60 days since June) and their shop (“order now, get in approximately 6 to 8 weeks”) is likely wrong, given that someone who ordered way before June doesn’t have their phone yet and is now supposed to wait up to another 2 months or so.

How else would I get that kind of information if not by someone who has been in contact with Purism?


When the person ordered their phone in April, the online shop showed the following text:

“Place your order now, get in a few months!”

That text has been changed lately to:

“Place your order now, get in approximately 6 to 8 weeks!”

It seems to me that everything from Purism side in this story has been quite correct and it is still a mystery for me what aipei is complaining about.

So your question:

should become:

“Why am I getting this kind of shit storm from a Librem 5 costumer and I even believe it?”

You’re missing the point. Purism has been saying “order now, get in approximately 6 to 8 weeks” for 2 months now, which means that anyone who ordered at that time should now have gotten their phone.

Now aipei shows up, who ordered in April, so 4 months ago, and still hasn’t got their phone and the last information they got from Purism is that their phone will ship within the next two months.

Which means, that the “6 to 8 weeks” were false information, because obviously people who ordered in June (2 months after aipei) won’t get their phone sooner than aipei. So the “6 to 8 weeks” in June should actually have been “2 to 4 months”.


Am I missing the point? Two months from 5th of June expire exactly today and the text says

approximately 6 to 8 weeks”

Even using the strictest mathematical standards, “approximately 8 weeks” could lead to another month of wait (three months, i.e., 5th September).

So, my question is, do you really believe that this situation is worth the shit storm that aipei has initiated here and on Reddit, with all the accusations of censorship and “luring new purchasers”? Does this look like a balanced reaction to you?

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Nah, the reason people don’t bother asking is because only a fool would try the same approach over and over and expect a different result. We consider it futile from experience.


It seems we are dealing with transmissible experience.