Librem 5 USA - Read Before Ordering

This is surreal. The 9th week since 5th of June has not been reached yet and you wish that Purism update their shipping estimate because after 8 weeks and a couple of days you and TacticalPandaLE have not received your phone yet?

And still “in approximately 6 to 8 weeks!” is an update from the previous “in a few months!” that you found on their website when you bought your phone: so they did actually update their shipping estimates… just… 8 weeks ago (!).


I’m not repeating this argument with you. Scroll up for my responses.

I’ll respond in two months or prior, if I recieve my device.

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aipei - I understand your frustration, but from my perspective, a person who ordered a phone a few years ago, their Evergreen mass-production phone just isn’t ready for quick shipping due to problems that you can read about in other posts.

The phone has charging issues, WiFi connection issues and from my opinion (let the hate replies begin), they are focused on Linux users that can forgive such issues and use this more for a science project rather than a daily phone.

My hope is to get it before year’s end, but I’m not pushing because I’d like as many problems ironed out as possible before I get mine. I use Linux on my laptop and workstation, and thought that a smartphone would be a great thing. I’ve got enough time to learn how to overcome the issues that are usually mentioned in the L5 forum and hopefully it will be more than an interesting paperweight. At least I’m looking forward to trying to use it to replace my iPhone. :smiley:


I too, am on same boat. I use Linux as my primary OS. Don’t mind issues that Librem 5 would bring in.

And as you stated, with that very hope, I too, am patiently clinging to my already aged iPhone 5s. :smile:

I would just like to state that my L5 has no charging issues or WiFi connection issues. (Just as information for the community.)


My L5 has no WiFi nor cellular connection issues, nor any charging issues. However, I am waiting patiently for Byzantium to fix my bluetooth audio non-connection issue.


Not having a L5 yet, are the basic issues resolved? Ability to make/receive calls and texts? Without issue? At least able to replace a iphone for basic phone functions? Next would be battery life, charging issues, and internet browsing? I can see keeping my iphone as just a blue tooth music player for the car.

I’m still on amber.

Calls and SMS work, as far as I know, but I’m not actively using a SIM card, only WiFi. Someone else will have to comment on the current state. I believe MMS is possible in amber with some tweaking, from what I’ve read.

Also, there is no VoLTE capability, so that’s a problem for U.S. users, and getting more critical as time passes. (Some have got VoLTE to work in Europe, I think. Not sure if with amber or byzantium.)

As for other basic functions: IMAP, WiFi, contacts import, web browsing, notifications, SSH, sound, alarms, file navigation/manipulation, web apps, music streaming, stored music playing, terminal, all work great. I believe Contacts might have some issues with dialing directly, but I think that’s being tracked already.

Firefox-ESR has the usual privacy and security add-ons that I consider critical for a safe browsing experience.

You can set a preferred DNS resolver for WiFi via Settings; for mobile, probably via Terminal.

Quite a lot of useful applications are already working with minimal or no adjustment.

Mapping, either with GNOME Maps or Pure Maps, works pretty well, and there’s also the web app option, if one wants to use something else.

Several people in the forum have got GPS/location services working, I think.

For me, the bluetooth setting is not working; I can turn it on, but it doesn’t seem to be scanning for devices. (Again, this is in amber.) Bluetooth used to work well for me, before a certain update. Hotspot didn’t work well, though.

There’s not a good, adaptive calendar app available, but there are some reminder apps that work.

I believe the online accounts function works, but I don’t use such services.

Battery life will be much shorter than what you’re used to, but it’s possible to get more idle time by limiting activities. Once suspend-to-RAM (correct term?) is implemented, standby time should improve drastically.

Some will find the weight of the device annoying. Some will dislike the thickness. I myself would like a lighter Librem 5 at some point, but don’t mind the thickness so much. Those two things are, of course, inter-related.

I can say that it has been very satisfying to see the functions improving so much in the 8 1/2 months I’ve owned mine.

And as I said, I don’t have any charging issues at all.

Edit: Oh, and the camera is not yet usable, but it’s getting there.


The weight is approximately equal to 10 AA batteries, according to my consumer-grade kitchen scale. :slight_smile:

(The rechargeable kind)

Possibly this means “power consumption issues”. Without sleep mode, the power consumption is too high and hence the time between charges is too low (and you end up doing a lot of it). I haven’t had any actual charging issues using the supplied charger.

I regularly test receiving an SMS on the Librem 5. That seems to be solid. Sending an SMS on the Librem 5 seems to be solid. Calls seem to be solid. (I have a SIM in the Librem 5 full time.)

As I am attempting to use the Librem 5 as “daily driver”, I am sticking with amber until byzantium is officially released. (For that reason, likewise I am not playing around with MMS or VoLTE. They come when they come. MMS would be really nice as people do send them to me. VoLTE is not urgent in Oz but needs to be on the radar in the next few years.)


Have you done any charging in a vehicle with a DC outlet? I spend 90% of my workday in a vehicle, so issue free car charging will be essential.

No. (I seem to have mislaid my USB car charger but … from discussions elsewhere I believe that a USB car charger may only be able to supply enough current to keep the phone running indefinitely but not enough to make much headway with actually charging the phone unless you have a better car charger than mine i.e. you would need one that supports USB-C and PD.)

Then you may be at least as concerned about Bluetooth pairing in the car - the likely lack of which at this time is the main reason that I am not trying anything with charging in the car. In any case this is likely an issue that you would want to be tracking too.

Not unless they upgrade my vehicle, lol. My current unit is bare bones, just an old school am/fm radio.

I do use Bluetooth in my personal vehicle for music, but it’s not a huge feature I need. Biggest things I need operational as a daily driver are;

Text messages
Internet surfing
GPS/Maps (a big one for me )

Another app I use quite a bit is Microsoft Teams. I heard Teams supports Linux now, but no idea if it works on the L5 (or if I really want to install it on my device :grimacing:)

Fair enough.

A work in progress. The basic GPS (GNSS) hardware works and I have managed to get a valid (correct) latitude and longitude out of it but I suspect the integration with applications needs more work.

(M8, nooooo.) No idea. I myself wouldn’t go anywhere near anything from Microsoft. Perhaps you would be waiting for Anbox so that you can run the Microsoft Teams Android app, assuming there is one. That would get you a bit more isolation from the evil empire, rather than running Microsoft software natively on your phone.


Like it or not, MS rule Enterprise. And if the plan is to run Librem 5 as main phone then use of MS Teams, MS Office using Anbox or WayDroid be avoided

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The charger supplied with the L5 has printed on its side, "PD 3.0 Output 5V@3A, 9V@2A, 12V@1.5A; Total Output 18W (max) ".
I bought two PD 3.0 car chargers that seemed to have the right specs:

Although I haven’t performed a detailed analysis on the charging performance of these, both seem to keep the L5’s battery percentage maintained while the L5 is turned on and operating.


I have to run Teams on my work computer too. The llinux and other dekstop clients are electron based and consume an unreal amount of battery and are not adaptive :frowning: Not sure what I’m going to do about that myself either.

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Beginning with an 83% battery charge, and connected to the VENA PD 3.0 car charger, while playing a podcast on Kast, with wifi on and cellular on, on a 40 minute drive, the L5 battery ended up with a charge of 97%.


Nice, thanks for the update.

Automatically, yes. But you can always override the input current limit manually to a value within the specs of your charger, so PD is not a strict requirement there.