Librem 5 USA Release Schedule

A lot of great things going on. It looks like the initial email on the USA was a year ago. There is an occasional update, but I wondered if there is a shipping schedule for this. Any news?


“at this point we expect all current Librem 5 USA orders to be fulfilled by the end of January 2021.”


I do not yet have mind. I converted my order in January of 2020. Any update on the shipping release for Librem 5 USA?

It got delayed (as everything these days…), but it should be now a matter of weeks rather than months as AFAIK things are steadily progressing regarding its production.


Dont you think that Purism should actively inform about such delays of both L5? It seems that for a month no L5 has been shipped.

That is why they do not provide any forecast. Because you can only DELAY things if you have one define a TARGET. With no target defined, no delay. We had broad discussions here in this forum about their information policy. Conclusion: No hindsight and willingness to improve here.


This is partly wrong. Purism sent me in Feb a mail “We expect your L5 shipping in April”. Well , April isn’t over until now :slight_smile:


What is your order date for Librem 5? September 2017?

October 7, 2017, National Holiday of the country I‘m from.

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I bought the standard Librem 5 in September of 2019. I upgraded to the Librem USA in January of 2020…so 17ish months ago.

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Interesting observation from my side; I ordered mine on 23rd October 2017. If you received your email back in February for the 7OCT2017 order, I wonder where is my email even after a wait for more than 2 months :thinking: