Librem 5 USA-Trouble using web browser

Just got my Librem 5 today!
I’m having some trouble getting to any web pages. I set it up according to instructions, verified that it is connected to WiFi, but the only web pages I can pull up are search engines. I can do a search, but then if I click on the results, I get the error, “Oops! Something went wrong while displaying this page. Please reload or visit a different page to continue.”
The date and time were wrong on the phone even though I was connected to WiFi so I reset them manually. Thought that would fix it and it didn’t.
It doesn’t pull up anything but three dots in the Purism store as well when I click on anything specific, so I can’t get another web browser either. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Update via the terminal. There seems to be an issue with new installs’ stores not loading anything until an update has been run from the terminal first (from what I’ve seen in this forum, anyway).

Also, if you are using Gnome Web (aka Epiphany) there is a bug that causes a lot of pages to not load. Hopefully it will be fixed at some point, but in the meantime it might be better to install Firefox ESR. I believe the command goes like this:

sudo apt install firefox-esr
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Epiphany browser does not work ATM, there is a big bug from Mobian.
Firefox is battery hungry & hot.
We need just wait for Epiphany-gtk4

Go back to the basics.

ping IP-address

where IP-address is the IP address of another computer on your local network.

If that works

ping IP-address

where IP-address is the IP address of a computer on the internet.

If that works, you might try wget to download a web page. That could then fault isolate that the problem is with the web browser and not with the networking.

It can be though that if the date and time are wildly wrong, you won’t be able to get an IP address and so you won’t be able to communicate on the local network, much less with the internet - and so you can’t automatically synch the time.

So you did the right thing in just manually setting the time.

This can be a chicken-and-egg certificate problem i.e. software update won’t work because you don’t have the right certificate authorities but the way to get the right CAs is via software update. To get a decent error message, do the update from the command line.

sudo apt update

then (if the first apt command worked)

sudo apt upgrade

Having the date and time wrong also interferes with correct operation of the certificate mechanism as a whole.


Epiphany crashes already reported to mainstream from P U R I S M @dos

Thanks! It’s working now.

Just to update people, I am using the Chromium browser more and more from Flathub. Works pretty awesome and is much less of a resources hog than Firefox-esr. That might be kind of naughty to talk about here, though.

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