Librem 5 will not complete call

When I dial, I immediately get “Call Ended” and “This call is not encrypted” message. The first time I used the phone in March '23, it worked fine. I haven’t changed any settings, and updates are done. I’m on a T-Mobile network.
Any replies, please know that I’m completely IT illiterate, and use simple words;) I

The first thing to check is if you are using Voice over LTE. When you make a call, does the mobile signal indicator on the top left drop from 4G to 2G or 3G?

If it does drop to lower gen that means you are not using VoLTE and may have difficulty connecting to the network, as all carriers are dropping their support for the older gen signals.

What happens when someone else calls you?

They’re sent to voicemail.

Quite likely. What’s the fix? (At the moment, I’m not getting any cell bars at all, so I can’t check)

Sudo apt install bm818-tools
Use that app to utilize VoLTE

In which screen?

@ASwyD2 is talking about using that command in the Terminal app

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bash: Sudo: ‘command not found’

make everything lower case


Sorry (autocorrect)

Thanks. Which ‘password for purism’ do I use?

Your user password

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The lock screen pw. I was using my account pw. :+1:

All done! Thank you.