Librem 5 wireless docked mode

So I know that many people are not going to be a fan of this idea, but one of the things that annoys me about using the Librem 5 in docked mode, is the cable connecting it to the nextdock / micro x. I was wondering if any of you are familiar with a dongle that would make it possible to use the L5 in docked mode sans the physical cable. Obviously you are going to loose out on the battery charging abilities of these docks, but it would make working with it a lot easier and less cluttered.

I guess the type of connection would be strained to do it all wirelessly, but I’m curious if such a thing is even possible.

(typed from the L5)

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Yes it is possible under 5ghz and a dedicated monitor.
ATM i not using my L5 to experiment…i guess will be daily driver over Octarine and of course with a fancy case protect. Also i will never use the L5 with an extra battery to replace just to get a full day.

Is Miracast still a thing?

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Still a thing, but I never tested it, there is an implementation for Gnome

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