Librem 5 with 5 SIMs, Wow!

I’ve already read a couple of posts about making sure to include dual-SIM capability in the Librem 5; and I agree that this is a worthy and important goal. This is important for three principle reasons. The first is that VOIP (TCP or UDP, but especially UDP) is finicky about good signal strenth. I usually need three bars to use a VOIP app on my Android phone, even though I’m only using about 16KB total bandwidth, during a call. The second reason, and I know many have experienced this, is having data left; but being out of airtime for voice calls. The third reason is of-course security. Personally, I don’t ever want to have to make a voice call “in-the-clear.” Come-on, I mean Edward Snowden. Besides, that’s why we’re all here. But wait; it can get better, a WHOLE LOT BETTER! What if we were to take the dual-SIM Librem 5 and add three more SIMs, for a total of 5 SIMs? You read correctly, 5 SIMs!!! That’s what adding the following gadget can do. May I enthusiastically introduce the SIMORE Triple SIM adapter. Signal strength problems be gone!

Please see below.

Can’t agree more. Librem means freedom. What kind of freedom we talk about if we fullt depend on 1 carrier. Moreover for those who live abroad dual SIM is a must have to stay connected to home.

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